Saturday 11 July 2015

Determining What Sex The Scarf Is Designed For

Most scarves aren’t made for men–we are a very small part of the market and as such you may find a scarf in the menswear sale rack that is questionable.  And unless you’re Steven Tyler, you should stay away from feminine-looking scarves.  Here is how to spot a scarf designed for your wife:

Any scarf in an animal print, bright pink, juicy magenta, electric blue, salsa picante, fresh tulip…..I think you get the point.
Anything that comes with a pin or is advertised to be worn with a scarf pin.  Men do not wear scarf pins.
Airy, see-through, super-lightweight scarves that could not possibly provide any function (ok, maybe they could act as a tourniquet) and are 100% fashion pieces.
Large knitted scarves or scarves that could double as a blanket.
Excessive fringes — some tassels in the same color as the scarf is fine, but steer clear of multi-colored pom-pom tips.
Elaborately beaded scarves, scarves with sequins, shiny metal trinkets, or scarves with embroidered images of birds, flowers, etc.

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