Wednesday 8 July 2015

Indigenous shoe workshop

The indigenous shoe workshop

The intention of this workshop is to empower and support old and young, female or male by giving them a creative voice, this workshop allows the participants to find and tell their story in a uniquely innovative way.
It helps them to believe in themselves and gives them hope for a brighter future.

There's no better way to find out whether or not shoemaking is for you than by attending a two week  class of workshop.

These classes will introduce you to hand-tooled shoemaking methods, and will have you leaving the class with not only a new skill, but realizability how powerful this workshop is for those who are unemployed and living in dire circumstances. It opens the participants up to a world of possibility and shows them that they are capable of making something beautiful out of the difficulties they have faced in their life.

The first job for the novice shoemaker is to pick a style to recreate. Among what you're going to be learning is the use of ankara on slippers palm wedge and even covered shoe

The work shop
The philus Brown footwear is run by mr philus Brown himself. Indiginuos based company that makes all of its shoes, sandals and boots by hand, using traditional methods and sustainable materials. The company was set up 2006, but has since shed its hippy image and moved seamlessly into the design-conscious 21st century.

training course. New edition for beginner start July 24 to Aug 4  9am -2:00pm
Philus brown shoe making school,
Call and reserve your space. +23407053688214
BB pin: 568AF2AB 234 twitter@philusscott

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