Monday 13 July 2015

Trending kids fashion

Reaching Indian shores:
Not surprisingly, the trend is fast catching up in India. Big retailers like Lilliput, Gini & Jony to international luxury brands like Zara, Mango, Diesel, H&M and Burberry all are spending lot of time and resources to launch the mini-me-lines. Domestic brands are trying their best to adopt latest trends followed by international brands which can be easily noticed in the Indian market.

Here, while on one hand brands slightly premium brands like Zara, Mango, Diesel, Burberry are playing with neon colors, stripes, animal prints, polka dots, cartoons on the T-shirt, accessories and underwear on the other more mass brands like Lilliput, Weekender, Catmoss are offering their range of ready-to-wear clothes and accessories in the price competitive segment.

Bright future:

There are many reasons why this segment holds tremendous potential. With the rise of incomes, more and more nuclear families in India are opening up their purse strings to splurge on kids' clothes and accessories. Special occasions, from birthday parties to festivals, offer big opportunities for the retailers.

Kid's fashion has given them options and exposed them to changing trends; It has given them new confidence not only about good appearance and attractive persona but also helped them in inculcating positive attitude - by helping them in creating their own individual look and their own unique style statement. Latest trends, gorgeous, dazzling kiddies couture and the endless accessories
further help to transform a plain cheap store bought outfit into somewhat of a fashion masterpiece. It also helps designer labels to start building a brand connect and a following much earlier in the lifecycle of aspirational buyers.

Kids fashion is a Fad and classic both - it's a long lasting craze, as in modern day kid's like to fit in, they like to look like their friend's and other kid's of their own age and dream to become not only fashion followers but fashion leaders in their own        let hear your views and please share

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