Friday 17 July 2015

Your body type when choosing outfits

As seen below, the model has a slightly rounded body.
Types: Straight Slightly Straight Slightly Round Round
Do the following exercise to find out the areas that you should focus on when buying clothes: First we will measure our height. For example, you are 64" tall. Divide the 64” by 4 quadrants = 16".
Get a tape measure to measure each quadrant.
1. top of head to middle of back or under arm
2. middle of back or under arm to under your hip
3. under your hip to middle of knee
4. middle of knee to floor
Look at measurements. If all four are equal or close to equal, your body is in balance. If they are not then you will focus on getting the body in line by compensating with your clothing.
Let's look at purchasing a dress: A high waisted person (second quadrant) should consider wearing empire and a-line type dresses. These dresses flow past the waist.
A low waisted person (second quadrant) should not wear dresses that are clingy or tight fitted around the waist. If the person is tall and thin, horizontal stripes can draw attention away from the area. Wearing the same colors on the bottom will also draw the focus away .
People whose legs are short (fourth quadrant) should not wear long dresses or skirts. Short dresses should be worn to make them look balanced. The hem should be near the knee or no longer than mid-calf.
Whereas people with long legs can wear medium dresses or longer dresses that nearly touch the floor, short skirts or dresses can make their body look unbalanced.

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