Monday 3 August 2015

10 things to know about wearing hair accessory like a grown up

Mabille hair bow
We’re calling it—hair accessories are back in a big way. From simple to elaborate, you can easily switch up your look from blah to brilliant in a few seconds. However, pulling off a flower crown or silk turban isn’t for your average wallflower. The nerve-wracking fear of looking like you are starring in a period piece might be enough to make you avoid the look altogether. So, we gathered a round table of savvy hair accessory designers to teach us how to rock these bold looks with confidence. Get ready to tie one on in style!
What’s Old Is New Again: 
“Hair accessories have been around for ages—kings and queens were the first ones to jump on the trend,” shares Jennifer Behr, CEO and head designer of her namesake label. “Hair accessories are not so much making a resurgence, but rather they are finally getting the attention they deserve. The designs have also gotten a lot more sophisticated. Ten years ago when I started, hair accessories were purely functional—there was no fashion element.”
Wear What You Want (No Really): 
“I feel that there are no real rules when it comes to personal style,” shares Eric Styles of The Turban Guy.  “As long as you feel good and are confident, own your look. Some woman find hair accessories  [specifically turbans] intimidating, but think of them the same way you think of a good pump. You can be wearing a tank top and jeans but once you put on a pump, it brings a certain polish to the look. The same can be said of a turban.”
#Werk It at Work
: “Wearing your hair down, with just the front pulled back off your face, paired with a simple headband, is an easy, chic office look,” explain Kailee Steward and Erin Frederick, co-owners of I’m With The Band. “Our scarf turbans look just as chic worn the same way. Plus, they also look great worn with a low bun or ponytail.”
Look Your Age: 
“First off, look for pieces that are good quality,” explains Styles. “A lot more designers are incorporating metal and stone details to the hair accessories that add an adult spin to them. Try to avoid items that are really small or overly ‘girly’ ( i.e. small plastic flowers, colorful butterflies and tiny bows)—look for things that have a certain sophistication like gold accents, lace and feathers.”
Look Stylish (at Any Length): 
“Short and long hair can both wear all of my headbands and wraps,” shares Behr, who’s celeb fans include Madonna, Katy Perry and Lauren Conrad. “I had short hair for years, and headbands were actually great because otherwise you don’t get much variety in styling. If you have a lot of volume in your hair, I would suggest a bigger, solid headband. If your hair texture is fine, I would suggest a barrette to pin it half up half down to give your locks a boost. For short hair, a bobby pin pulling a piece of hair back adds some flare.”
Treat Your Accessories Kindly
: “[For headbands and silk scarves], we recommend hand washing and storing them the same way you’d store your lingerie, silk scarfs or other delicate items,” explain Steward and Frederick, whose line boasts Beyoncé as a fan.
When in Doubt DIY!: 
“Bandanas can be worn the traditional way by folding it and wrapping it around your forehead,” shares Styles. “You can go with the knot to the back of the front. Also you could take a larger scarf and tie that around your head allowing for the extra fabric to fall. When all else fails, I find that YouTube offers a large variety of scarf/turban options and it also gives you ideas from all around the world.”
Yes, You Can Rock a Hair Chain
: “Ultimately, having confidence is key,” Behr confides. “Second, buy something that is a sophisticated design—I tell people to pick out a headpiece in the same way that you would pick your jewelry. If you do that, you will always be safe…it’s just jewelry for your head. Match the finish or style to your outfit. We’ve seen women wear crystal head-wraps with anything from an evening gown to a pair of jeans and look super elegant.”
Mask a Bad Hair Day:
“We’ve been known to put off washing our hair a day or two longer than we should,”  Steward and Frederick share. “Honestly, there’s no better way to disguise a bad hair day or greasy roots than poppin’ on a pretty turban. We love to throw our hair up in a bun with a turban [for extra height], it’s a major lifesaver!”
Flower Crowns are Still In: “I actually love the flower crown!” gushes Styles. “It’s such a throwback to the 70s, it always reminds me of Woodstock and the hippie movement. I can honestly say that most of the girls I see wearing them get the trend. Think boho-chic, think Coachella!”

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