Saturday 15 August 2015


A plain white shirt or button-up, is nominated as one of the most versatile menswear in men fashion[1]  not without a reason. It can be paired with numerous outfits, creating different fashion statements in each and every look. Here are three ways that you can wear a white shirt for every occasion.

For casual occasions during the weekends, you could pair a white shirt with chino pants or washed denim for a relaxed yet cool look. Be sure to let your shirt loose without tucking it in, adding the sense of casual and relaxed at the same time. A loose white shirt will help create the off-duty look but still in style with its button-down collar.

Be sure to choose only high quality white shirts if you are going to wear it solely as a top without any outer as it will be the highlight of your look. Grab the latest high quality white shirts through dRyshirt, a brand of men's fashion store which focuses on stylish yet affordable wardrobe essentials. They provide a wide range of shirts for casual looks at a very reasonable price .

For a more semi-formal event, wear your white shirt under a fine blazer or suit, but without a tie. You can opt for bright-coloured blazers such as camel colour or a more neutral colour like grey to give off the classy look while still looking casual at the same time. Still haven’t found the perfect blazer without having to cost you a fortune?

Affordable blazers are now available through dRyshirt with their fine exclusive blazers that will not “dry up” your pockets. dRyshirt blazers offer a fine look for both casual and formal looks. To compliment your semi-formal look, be sure to wear a simple fine belt to tie your overall look.


White shirts are the perfect choice for formal occasions. Pair your white shirts with a black suit and a black bow tie for the prince charming look at night. You can also pair white shirt with other dark suits and a matching light-coloured tie for a current men’s fashion look on formal occasions during midday. Be sure to pair the look with a pair of dark trousers and a fine leather belt to give a hint of personal touch.

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