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Is the casual look ok for the office?

Want to wear shorts to work? Here's the do's and don'ts to making casual work.
The weather has started warming up, summer is around the corner and we're facing the age-old dilemma – is it OK to wear shorts to work? 
The question many people ask themselves is 'how casually can I dress for work and get away with it'?
From losing the suit and tie, to adopting thongs at the desk, it's a fine balance that many men seem to struggle with. 
In this edition of The Style Project, our panel of fashion experts – Matt Jensen (CEO and founder of MJ Bale), Graeme Lewsey (CEO of Melbourne Fashion Festival), Dom Bagnato (menswear designer) and Luc Wiesman (editor and founder of D' – debate the merits of whether it's acceptable to rock a casual look at the office.

Casual, to a T

"If you decide everyday is a T-shirt and jeans day," Weisman tells the panel, "then that's your thing. It's about how far you can push that."
"Shorts in the workplace is an interesting one," adds Lewsey. "I was a victim of some social media bullying. It was an outdoor event and a 42 degree day and I wore shorts, with a jacket and a shirt – it was fashion. And it was really funny watching some social media people going 'I think that's outrageous that the CEO of the festival is wearing shorts'."
"It's a difficult thing to execute," says Bagnato, "but when it's done properly and appropriately to the organisation or to their jobs, then it can work quite well."
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