Tuesday 15 December 2015


   Dashiki for everyone 

    Dashiki can be rock bout indoor and outdoor it a unique style that nobody can resist with it two chest front pocket it has many history but one thing i remember bout it is the fact that  this style has been one of the choicest design of our fur-fathers in the Yoruba land (a tribe Nigeria) worn to weldings christening and also birthdays.

     It  the time of the the year again where people think about what to wear, will it fit? how do i go about it?  but one thing that comes to mind is long reign dashiki , it never go out of season any day  anytime, dashiki can be rock with many things for the ladies, be it trouser or skirt, it goes, for the guys as well, it can be worn full with it up and down, look great on pants too or better with stock jeans which will do it a great justice. cool and smart on the little ones too.

How to wear and what wear with it

  When it come to the shoe to rock with it, it is always advisable to go with covered shoe unless if you are just putting it on for casual you can rock it with palm sander it will look great, talking about shoes, not all covered shoe though, pick out of  the rest i will say, loafers is one shoe not to be left out when rocking your dashiki be it brown or black depending on the color of the dashiki but note, it shouldn't be too rhyme because it will look dull ,better to find a bright color to heighten it so to look sharp, like white material of dashiki with gold design on the chest and brown wrist watch brown loafers.

    For my ladies, it very simple to rock , all-thing  goes especially if you are the curvy type, the body alone will do it justice but note if you  are big i mean my fat girls it better to go with something flat because what the point of dressing without comfort and if you have that already, rock on. my slim shade!, the hills are made for you. it will make you stand out, also remember most of dashiki designs are colorful dresses, all am trying to say is little make up will justify all.
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   let bring back the memories alive with this wonderful season have one yourself .
what color of shoe will fit this?

let know your views and share enjoy the rest of your day with Adewale's content

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