Thursday 10 December 2015


THERE’S a scene in Hot Pursuit where Sofia Vergara’s character Daniella witnesses Reese Witherspoon’s character Cooper getting changed in a department store — mid hot pursuit, of course.
Daniella cries out in HORROR when she sees Cooper’s full briefs, claiming that she can tell everything she needs to know about her based on her underwear choice.
Well, it seems Cooper’s undies don’t deserve any kind of negative attention at all — in fact, women the world over are beginning to take up arms against anything with less coverage than a bikini brief.
Daniella cries, “That’s not underwear, that’s a diaper!”
Daniella cries, “That’s not underwear, that’s a diaper!”
Data from the US-based NPD Group has revealed that the sales of G-strings have dropped 7 per cent over the last year, but sales from styles offering more coverage like full briefs, high waisted briefs and boy legs have jumped 17 per cent.
Erica Russo, fashion director for accessories, cosmetics and intimate apparel at Bloomingdale’s, told the New York Times that there has been a “shift in the business” thanks in part to the growing popularity of high waist pants and skirts.
Throwback to Kate Moss in Calvin Klein's 1997 underwear campaign: Bikini brief FTW. Picture: Calvin Klein
Throwback to Kate Moss in Calvin Klein's 1997 underwear campaign: Bikini brief FTW. Picture: Calvin KleinSource:Supplied
But fashion aside, fuller briefs are also just comfier — but don’t just take my word for it.
“Most lingerie is designed to appeal to a man. For us, that’s not even a consideration. This is underwear you wear totally for you” Julia Baylis from label Me and You told the Times.
“What’s sexy for us is being natural and comfortable,” co-designer Mayan Toledano added.

Me and You underwear

If you’re still unsure about donning something associated with words like “comfortable”, rest assured you’re keeping very good company with your fuller brief.
In her book It, fashion idol Alexa Chung dropped the bombshell that her underwear of choice is a granny pant, leaving the rest of us feeling completely validated (I’m sure it wasn’t just me ...)
Actress Chloe Sevigny is also a fellow full-brief fan, alongside Aussie singer Iggy Azalea and model Chrissy Teigen and probably Taylor Swift, too.
Hey, if it’s good enough for them ...

Chrissy Teigen


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