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It has become the benchwarmer of the wardrobe.
The overlooked item that sits in the background, waiting to get some skin in the game.
Over the years denim and navy have taken the place of gray in the interchangeable wardrobe.
Denim is built from a tougher canvas and navy definitely has its place.
But it’s not as interchangeable as gray is…bold statement, I know. 
The truth is gray has been under utilized for far too long.
Gentlemen, it’s time to bring it back.
They even made a movie about every shade!…Or something like that…
I’m here to convince you why gray is an essential for your wardrobe.

Why Gray Matters In The Interchangeable Wardrobe

Warren Beatty became a style icon from his gray flannel trousers.
Sean Connery, the real James Bond, used grey flannel as his go to item.
Gray matters one simple reason.
It is the ultimate interchangeable color.
This article lays our how to wear 4 pieces that are the color gray.
  1. Gray Flannel Trousers
  2. Gray Wool Sports Jacket
  3. Gray Shirts
  4. Gray Shoes

Gray Flannel Trousers1. Gray Flannel Trousers

Trousers should never be the focal point of attention. Their purpose is to draw the eye of an observer up and down in a smooth line.
The right pair of trousers makes you look taller and leaner.
One of the most useful and yet under-utilized piece of clothing in a man’s wardrobe is the gray flannel trouser. 
Gray is a neutral color that works perfectly as a background color. The right pair of gray flannels can match almost everything in your wardrobe.
It pairs well with shirts in white and blue shades. In fact, a light and medium gray trouser can be safely worn with any color except for gray.
Although a gray shirt and gray trouser combination is not aesthetically displeasing – the outfit as a whole starts to look dull and dreary.
The gray flannel trousers worn by Sean Connery in the James Bond film, Dr. No and Warren Beatty’s classic 1970’s look of button-down shirt with flannel trousers inspired me to redesign this classic trouser for the modern man.
Working in collaboration withTrunkist, I used side-tabs on the trouser pictured here, which allow for adjustments in the waist without the need for a belt and belt loops.
This provides a much cleaner look by not breaking the lines of your outfit with a horizontal piece of leather to break the straight line along the length of your legs.
A hidden pocket substitutes regular back pockets – further adding to the streamlined silhouette.
The material is not super-exciting, which reinforces my earlier statement that trousers are not supposed to be the focal point of your outfit.
All my sports jackets work well with the gray flannel trousers. A navy blue blazer with a medium gray flannel trouser is right next to a suit in levels of formality.
Flannel trousers, like the classic navy blazer, will never go out of style. They will last for years… my favorite pair of flannel trousers lasted ten years before I was forced to upgrade it with a newer style in the same color.

Ledbury Gray Sports Jacket2. Gray Wool Sports Jacket

A sport jacket does not have to match the fabric of your pants, as a suit jacket does.
While a blazer is made of a solid fabric with buttons in a contrasting color, a sports jacket is generally patterned.
A gray sports jacket ranks high in terms of versatility and timeless style. A gray wool jacket is more versatile than a navy jacket, especially when paired with dark shades of dress pants, chinos and jeans.
The classic navy blue with gray combination works in reverse as well. A gray sports jacket wears well with a navy blue trouser.
A solid gray or patterned sports jacket is a versatile option that teams up effortlessly with shirts and pants in most colors.
It can also tread the broad spectrum of formality – dressed up with a pair of dress pants and appearing more casual with a a pair of jeans or chinos.

greyWhy choose a wool jacket?
This all-round fabric won’t wrinkle easily. It breathes well, adding comfort to the wearer and drapes over the body much better than jackets in other materials.
Appropriate for all seasons, a wool jacket requires minimal maintenance, making this fabric a sure choice for a regular-use jacket.
A gray sport jacket with a visible texture is best combined with casual pieces with similar textures – indigo denim jeans and oxford cotton button down shirts.
Whether you choose a jacket in a solid or complex pattern, remember thatconsistency in the formality of the individual items of clothing is important when putting an outfit together.
Avoid pairing a gray sports jacket with a gray flannel trouser, or you’ll end up looking like the guy who accidentally grabbed two-mismatched suit separates at a department store.
Not enough men wear sports jackets in the modern era. Be one of the few who understands how to leverage the potential of the gray wool sports jacket.

3. Gray Dress ShirtsDickens-Check-6

Gray shirts are uncommon to mix with blazers. This is usually because the shirt needs to be in contrast with your jacket.  A non-color like gray has a hard time contrasting.
You won’t see as many variations of gray shirts, which is just as well – your basic use of gray should be for jackets and trousers.
If you would like to add a gray shirt to your wardrobe stay away from solid gray. It will probably sit in your closet collecting dust.
When buying gray shirts, stick to the ones that incorporate some micro-pattern with the gray.

4. Gray Dress ShoesSuede Loafers Paul Evans

When wearing gray shoes it’s not the color gray that we’re focusing in on.
The focus is more on the texture.
A pair of gray suede loafers will work with most outfit combinations. It also draws lots of attention as suede will usually contrast any fabric you pair it with.

Mix grays with caution.
Too much gray can suck the life out of your natural colors and signals a very somber and serious mood.
Brighter colors like reds and yellows stand out better gainst gray – use these colors for accents like a pocket square. Deep colors like purple and indigo are best paired with grays for a muted effect.
Make this staple color a part of your wardrobe to allow for maximum interchangeability between clothes.
Understand how the color gray fits in your interchangeable wardrobe. It is one of the most under-utilized colors. When men are looking to build a classic, verstaile wardrobe, this color works best for them.
Looking for trousers that are unique, fitted and with a streamlined silhouette?
Comment and share.

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