Sunday 26 July 2015

Autumn 2015 preview

Preview for Autumn 2015 – by Keanu Adorable & Elliott Parsons

Even though we’re in the midst of the height of summer, it’s never too early to look forward at the upcoming season, Autumn, everyone will be back from their holidays getting ready for darker and gloomier days, but luckily we have some products to preview that might just make everything a little less gloomy. Here are a few of our top picks.
imageimageimageDuchamp has an extensive Autumn collection that can fill up any man’s wardrobe, ranging from shirts, ties to blazers.

imageLook smart in one Cad & The Dandy’s suits this Autumn.
imageJigsaw Menswear providing the must have footwear for the harsh seasons ahead.
imageLook like a badass straight from the 80’s with one of these Matthew Miller leather jackets
imageThis jumper from Paul & Shark will keep you warm this winter.
imageCasely Hayford‘s bomber jackets will definitely keep you warm on those dark, windy, winter nights.
imageimageThis Paul Smith playsuit and sneaker combo are a must for a man who is always on his feet and ready for action!
imageNothing wrong with  jet black Docs by DrMartens, matches the weather too.
imageimageLevi’s allowing modern men to look rough and rugged but still look good at the same time, how thoughtful.
imageThere are literally fourty shades of denim available from the Stone Islands collection that can occupy your wardrobe.

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