Friday 24 July 2015

Day one of the show work shop

Welcome  to philus brown show making workshop, the workshop started today with lists of attendance and lecturers. The main purpose of this workshop is to keep busy in this holiday period and less idle to do something more productive with our time and also to empower the idle ones and get going with something awesome
  This is the day one of the  workshop, and I must say it was awesome, I in person learnt that in 20minute I can recycle that my adorable shoe that has damage to a new and shinning fabric look.
  The workshop for today was base on how to make a fabric shoe from the scratch. Recently the fabric shoe making as been trending among the youths. Before it all happen like this , the usual way people jam fabric shoes like ankara, lace ,gini , or aso oke to there outfit is to wear the fabric shoe to the fabric wear making it match. Now we see people wearing fabric shoes to denims, Jean , pants and even shorts.
  Modernisation as evolve around the fabric shoe wears making it a universal wears irrespective of the boundaries colors or sizes. This kinds of workshop is what most of the black youth should embrace  and am really glad that I did attend
I hope to see you there tomorrow, it a free workshop. Don't miss out of the good opportunity.

NOTE: you can make up to 20$ in less than 20 minute for recycling condemned shoes to brand new stunning fabric shoe for people.

Visit the for more inquiries and how to locate the workshop, is going for two week.
Check out the amazing moment at the workshop

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