Friday 24 July 2015

foot and leg wears

Foot and Leg Wear
Leg make-up can make your legs look smoother by hiding scars, and other imperfections.
Tip: anyone with larger legs wanting their legs to look smaller can
wear dark color tights, leggings or socks.

Tip: thicker soles on shoes make thinner legs look thicker

Tips: anyone with longer legs wanting their legs to appear shorter can
wear lighter colored tights or leggings with a dark skirt and dark shoes.
Roman ankle sandals make legs look shorter.

Tip: shorter legs appear longer when shoes have cut out toes
and a small band on the front of the shoe.

Sandals: when wearing open toe sandals, make sure your toes are about
a half inch from the front edge and the back edge of the shoe before
standing. Soak your feet in tub and then use a pumice stone to smooth the
feet or apple cider vinegar. Apply clear or colored nail polish for a
professional look.

Shoes: Buy shoes that compliment your legs.
Pointed toe shoes make the legs look longer.
Shoes with thin ankle straps slim the ankles and enhance the leg.

Tip: Current styles include 4½ " and 5" high heels, but one must
be cautious when wearing such heights. No matter how attractive the
shoe, you must consider the consequences of wearing heels so high.
Your lower back or ankles could be injured from wearing them. As
an alternative, why not shop for shoes with lower heels.
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