Wednesday 22 July 2015

well worn undergarments

Bra's enhance your clothing; especially sweaters and fitted tops.
Wearing the correct size cup is important.
The middle of the bra should lay flat at the base; extra space means the cup is too small.
If the back of the bra rides up, the band could be too large
 (1) smaller breast individual straps do not stay in place or                                                                    (2) the straps fit too tight on people with larger breasts.
Size Tips:For support, if you wear a “C” cup or larger, buy bras with wider bands
                 bands. Tighten straps when you can pull the bra up more than one inch.
                  Loosen the straps if you can see dents in your skin.
Color Tip; Wearing a white bra under a white or black shirt or blouse that is not
                 opaque makes it look as though no bra is being worn.
                 Bra Care: Buy bras with support. Hand washing and air drying helps keep its shape.
                 Panties – make sure your clothes are not so tight where people can see your pantie lines.
                  Swim Wear
                                                          swim wears
There are several things to consider: hips, breast, waist and thighs.
Large hips: dark color bottom
Largest breast: halter tops or thick straps with support

Large waist: one piece bathing suit with tummy support
                     dark color bottom
                      If you are going to swim, the suit must fit snug. Water loosens the swim suit. Bikini are
                      better for people with smaller breast, and two piece suits with support for larger breast
                      individuals. Buying Tip: wear panties when trying on swim suits for sanitation.
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