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Five stylish looks that will help your career 

You might put hours of thought and preparation into what you wear for a job interview, an important client meeting or even a casual coffee catch-up.
It will take those you seek to impress mere seconds to form an opinion –positive or negative – that could inform their entire interaction with you.
It needn't be a gamble. Whatever professional industry you work in, there are sure-fire winning looks, signature pieces and golden guidelines that can help you secure a positive first impression.
Get it right and achieve that vital positive first impression.
Get it right and achieve that vital positive first impression. 
Below is a collection of signature pieces within the top five male-dominated industries. These style statements range from the practicality of an organic cotton T-shirt, to an aesthetically pleasing face-shaping pair of sunglasses, or a crisp, tailored double-breasted suit.
Although chosen for particular industries, these trends can be worked into any wardrobe, depending on your lifestyle. Here we list the industries and offer some thoughts on the subject of how to wear each signature piece;
1. The Numbers Industry – Finance
The finance world can be competitive and confidence-crushing. Donning your modern-day armour in the form of a killer suit is imperative to signal strength to potential competitors. The double-breasted suit dominates with its modernised style in deep shades and no stripes. Choose Canali, Burton, Dolce & Gabbana and Lubiam, all leaders in designing cut and weaves for modern-day Gordon Gekkos. For accessories, add a silk tie by Brioni, silk pocket square by Ermenegildo Zegna and a stainless-steel Serena garbo Gent watch by Bertolucci.
2. The Property Industry – Estate Agents
There is a fine line between looking successful enough to sell multi-million dollar properties, and looking richer than your potential clients. So impressing with subtlety is important. Use tonal suiting with warm colours to put clients at ease and add in the most important element of all, your choice of cologne. Sought-after fragrances are Homme by Costume National and Lubim, Paris. Winning designers for modern tonal suiting are: Jil Sander, ACNE, Zegna, and Paul Smith. Your accessories would include silk ties by Giorgio Armani and leather shoes by Church's.
3. The World Wide Web Industry – The Tech Boss
No longer the brunt of geek squad jokes, the IT entrepreneur hits back at critics with his bank balance. Having the ability to add quite a dose of creativity to his attire, the Tech Boss can choose to bring more creative international designers to his wardrobe such as Comme des Garcons. Given the Tech Boss is gaining new international ground in the digital world, he has permission to wear more diverse attire in his work life. Experiment with The Kooples, AMI, L.B.M 1911, Buscemi footwear, Zanotti and Bella Freud. Don't forget your eyewear by Cutler and Gross, Oliver Peoples or ill.Optics.
4. The Fast and Flavoursome Industry - Chef
These hard-working gentlemen are often seen on motorcycles darting from café to restaurant to supplier. With little time to waste on style considerations, the chef's wardrobe needs to work hard for him. Micro-fibres and breathable fabrics are sought out to compliment the fast-paced lifestyle. For motorcycle wear choose Belstaff, John Varvatos, All Saints, En Noir and Michael Kors - with an organic T-shirt from bassike or Song for the Mute. For your greeting attire, remain true to your personal style, as this is clearly represented in the award-winning menus you create.
5. The Life Giving Industry – Doctors and Surgeons
The results compiled of 30 studies on physicians' attire involving 11,533 adult patients in 14 countries, found that patients prefer doctors in formal attire. It's fair to say that in an industry where respect and hierarchy are paramount, wearing the most appropriate and classic suiting is imperative. When not in theatre, a minimalist and elegant approach is required with a charcoal suit from Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers or Burberry. Gucci's slip-on loafers work extremely well for both a relaxed weekend or as part of a tailored suit finish. In consultation, classic and intelligent dressing is key as well as plenty of crisp, white cotton shirts … and the elegance of a Maurice Lacroix timepiece.
What particular men's style items are well suited to particular professional occupations? Let us know in the comments below.
Extensive experience within retail trend analysis companies has earned Louise Edmonds street cred in the luxury menswear sector. The founder utilises her passion and understanding of fashion to deliver a fresh, edgy take on men's style. 
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