Saturday 17 October 2015


how to establish your personal style


Hi guys, it’s not a secret that fashion and personal style have always been a form of expression for people. Some people put more effort in creating their picture, some people just go with a flow. I can’t say which way is better, because these ways suit for different situations and personalities. I can just sum up. If you are passionate about fashion, work in a fashion industry or would like to become a fashion blogger or designer, you may think about establishing your own personal style. In this case make sure you read my easy-to-follow guide to the end and you’ll be able to find some helpful style tips and tricks. In a situation, when personal style for you is a very basic thing and you normally don’t pay too much attention to what you are wearing,  just make sure to apply basic style knowledge in your daily outfits, so you look harmonic.

1. Find your inspiration.

First comes first! In order to create your personal style, you need to understand what is your inspiration, state of mind and priorities. When establishing your unique style, you have to make sure that it goes in harmony with your your inner world and nature. Don’t try to be a person that you are not. The biggest mistake would be if a soft and calm person will start to wear black drama outfits on a daily basis. Colours and silhouettes you choose should go well with your main personal features. Remember, people always notice disharmony!

2.  Find your style icon and inspiration.

We all need inspiration, especially when we just start to understand the basics of perfect style and wardrobe. In order to understand what image you are looking for, spend some time researching a style of actors/stars/fashion bloggers/your friends etc. Once you’ve managed to find a style icon, take a deeper look at their lifestyle and habits. Try to analyse their outfits, make-up, hair styles, accessories they use. Think about everything in detail. For example,Taylor Swift loves to wear red lipstick and eyeliner. Try to think why does she like to use this make-up, what sort of image does it bring to her own style, does she wear red lipstick during the day time?..

3. Find your signature style feature.

Remember Carry Bradshaw from Sex and the City series? I’m sure you all remember that Carrie is obsessed with shoes! In addition to a huge shoe collection, Carrie’s style is always on top. She knows how to balance a silhouette, how to use colours and accessories in order to create a harmonic outfit. This is exactly what you need to look for: you should think about your overall picture and add some personality with your style’s feature. As for me, I love all kinds of outerwear: duster coat, vest, vest coat, kimono, fur coat, jackets etc. I think these elements of the wardrobe add a little bit of elegance to my look. Also, I feel more comfortable which is the main point!

4. Don’t go crazy with fashion trends.

I mean it! If you love fashion, you probably noticed that every season fashion trends are changing. And not only this happens, High street companies, such as TopshopRiver Island,New Look come up with new ranges every 2-3 weeks. In average, girls and young woman go shopping every two weeks, so companies try to keep their ranges updated to make you spend more money at the shop. From one side it’s good if you were on a market for the most trendy dress. But on another side, it makes people think that the dress they bought 2-3 month ago is not trendy anymore. The best advice I can give you: don’t even try to integrate all new trends in your outfits! Select one or two, maximum three, season trends, which will go perfectly with your style and have fun.

5. Maintain your personal style.

Of course, not only establishing your style is important. It’s necessary to maintain your style, to develop it in accordance with the changes in you and your lifestyle. And the last advice: do not take fashion very seriously! Play with it and enjoy your life! Fashion is just a tool to make our lives brighter! I hope you enjoyed my guide and find it useful!
Do you have any more ideas on how to establish a unique personal style? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Let me know in the comments below.

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