Monday 7 December 2015


I hear it again and again……
Men are hard to shop for.
Which is funny – as that most of us guys would disagree.
The fact is that men are actually very easy to please – we just ask for the best :)
Seriously – I find most men want high value gifts.
Things that are useful and built to last …….it also doesn’t hurt if the particular item looks great!
Need help finding gifts like this? You’re in luck!
I’ve compiled a list of 125 gift ideas that have met that criteria.
The items on this list are all vouched for! I own or have used nearly all of them, and have had the rest highly recommended by men I trust.

My Top 5 Gifts For Men

A mix of items that I think go above and beyond. Top 5 favorites any guy would be lucky to get!

Share the manly love all year round with the Manlygram Manscription.
FYI – use code RMRS for 25% off (Good for the first 100 men who use it!)
Each recipient gets a new box from Manlygram’s approved collection every month.
Boxes come in a variety of themes, ranging from barbecue to beer to charcuterie to chocolate and a whole lot more. No lock downs needed- subscribers can pause or cancel subscriptions anytime.

This bag is great for traveling. Big enough to keep all of my things but small enough to fit in the overhead bin. Has the functions of a duffel bag but looks professional and chic.
The dark and light colors go perfectly with any wardrobe plus the more it ages, the more beautiful the leather gets so you really get the most bang for your buck on this one.
USE Code RMRS for 20% Off
These 640 Calfskin boots are great. Dress it up or down, these are perfect for a whole day of errands and running around with the kids.
The small details like the orange tab at the back make it so special plus the and the light rubber soles make you feel like you’re wearing comfortable sneakers.

Brickell is known to use only the best quality, natural and organic islideshow_1ngredients.
A lot of companies rely on synthethic ingredients and chemicals to make their products work but Brickell figured out a way to combine nature and science to produce the products that are not only good for you, but one that works.
The sets make great gifts or individual tubs and bottles make great stocking stuffers. You might even end up keeping some for yourself.
USE Code RMRS15  for 15% Off
Much more than just a tie, this silk polka dot number will spruce up any outfit.
Great for days when you want to add a playful touch but still want to keep it appropriate for the office. The classic navy color goes well with a number of items in any wardrobe.

Clothing & Wardrobe

Ledbury has quickly become one of my favorite brands thanks to their classic take on menswear and the ability to take their clothing and easily build an interchangeable wardrobe.
In fact click here to see me discuss this in one of my most detailed clothing matching and wardrobe building video ever – yeah, all the clothing in that video is from Ledbury!
Their jackets are a special favorite as the fabrics are top notch and the fit is just about perfect off the rack.
They have classic colors like navy and charcoal but they also have unique ones like olive. Great fit, great quality and worth the investment.

Ledbury shirts are also one of my wardrobe staples. You can find them in classic cuts and colors like white and blue or go for darker options like black and navy.
Made with the finest quality fabric, these shirts are great for casual and business casual. They even have wrinkle free options too. If you’re looking to start building a wardrobe, this would be the first pieces to get.

Index - TH1013 Dai Due vFINALMen with smaller or more athletic builds often find that off-the-rack dress shirts are too big in the waist. This results in an ill-fitting shirt that is not very flattering.
If you know a man with a slim build, get him one of 5th & Lamar’s slim fit shirts, and watch him smile when he tries it on. 5th & Lamar are equally known for their sweaters which are just as slim-fitting.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this shirt every time I wear it in my videos (you can see it here) and since so many of you wanted to know, I decided to put this on my list.
Trim dress shirts are designed to flatter your frame and cut to minimize that muffin top. It has more stretch than your regular dress shirt, this allows you to move with no difficulty- perfect for running a day’s worth of errands.
USE Code TRIMSTYLE for 10% Off

A Guayabera is a shirt style popular in Colombia, Mexico, Central America and throughout Africa. Here in the USA it is distinctly representative of Southwestern style.
D’Accord makes beautiful Guayabera shirts right here in the USA. Each Guayabera can be personalized to the wearer’s choice of fabric, size and color.
Besides Guayaberas, D’Accord also makes casual shirts, banded bottom shirts, long sleeve shirts, and short sleeve garments.

If you’re looking for dress shirts that give maximum movement, this is the dress shirt for you. Breathable without the baggy material, this shirt fits the body just right and that 4-way stretch gives maximum comfort.
This could be the only shirt that has NASA engineered phase change technology!

If your special someone is a fan of handcrafted jeans- this would make the perfect present.
Mott & Bow handcrafts each pair of jeans making it look unique and flawless.
The company believes that it’s their hand made, labor intensive process that separates them from the rest.
USE Code RMRS20  for 20% Off
Brown, Diem jeans is true bespoke denim — tailored to each customer from start to finish.
There’s no way to make this gift a surprise (the person getting the jeans will need to be involved in the construction process), but whoever you’re getting them for will forgive you once the pants arrive.

Designed with a modern and clean aesthetic in mind, Tani underwear prides themselves for their timeless appearance and sleek profile.
These boxers are luxuriously soft and lightweight, but resilient to keep up with wash and wear.

Undershirts don’t seem to be a very exciting gift- but if you know someone that uses them everyday then they will be something that they will be very happy to get.
Not all undershirts are created the same. RibbedTee Undershirts are lightweight, closely fit the body and are moisture-wicking. They’re a step up from the dime a dozen undershirts you can get anywhere and are potentially life-changing.

The Tani AirFit feature provides antibacterial and anti-odor properties. Perfect for the gym, outdoor running or even everyday wear.
With their smooth comfortable fabric, quality finishes and innovative knits- Tani underwear might be the only piece of underwear you won’t want to take off.

The Blue Claw Bronson Weekender may be the fitting gift for any guy. Blue Claw luggage pieces are made in the United States and use only the finest materials. Each piece is thoughtfully designed, meant to last for years.
An added bonus is that Blue Claw luggage offers free domestic shipping for those living in the United States!

Another Blue Claw favorite. This weather resistant, waxed cotton canvas weekender is perfect for traveling.
Though a much more casual than the Bronson, this piece is still as classic and beautiful. Carry on approved means you just grab and go!

The Paolo3 is a classic leather briefcase that is guaranteed workhorse.With three leather-lined compartments and external zipped pockets, there is plenty of room to store all your belongings, including a laptop and extra files.
Finished with an ALCI lockable catch and an adjustable and detachable suede lined shoulder strap, this mens briefcase is definitely something you can use all year round.

A lot of my younger readers have asked me for a backpack recommendation and this is what I give them. A simple, classic backpack that’s comfortable and affordable.
Great for school or for travel and has a lot of compartments to keep everything in their place.

Every man must have a good pair of classic boots. This pair from J.L Rocha comes with a brogue tip and combination upper. Comfortable, classic and elegant, these boots can be dressed up or down.
Best thing about these boots is their light rubber soles which feels like I’m wearing running shoes. Comes in two colors but the dark brown is my favorite!

The Newman Paul Evans 9
The Newman is incredibly stylish and comfortable. It’s made from Italian calfskin leather upper with matching leather sole and leather lining.
You can wear it with a suit or don a casual outfit (worn with jeans). This boot is perfect for your interchangeable outfit.

One of my favorites from Paul Evans.
Handmade in Italy, these pair of double monks will surely make a great conversation starter. Beautiful, sleek and elegant- these will surely become one of your favorites too.

Great for casual days or for traveling. The bright blue is quite unique but you’ll be surprised how it can go with a lot of pieces in your wardrobe.
Maximum comfort to let you travel long distances and stylish enough that allows you to look sharp and polished. I love wearing these for long drives.
Use Code RMRS10 for 10% Off

This casual boot is quite the favorite from the Samuel Hubbard brand.
Designed with their lightweight Morflex sole for maximum comfort, this pair is perfect for that long commute. Great for casual wear when you know you’ll be moving around a lot but still want to look sharp.

 KEEN Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot
The Keen Targhee boot makes the ideal hiking partner. Tough and resilient with its protective features yet designed to have the support and comfort of an athletic shoe.
The dry and waterproof feature is not only great for the outdoors but is perfect as an early winter boot as well.

Monte Carlo Tailors provide bespoke clothing at value prices. Whether a man wants a shirt, a pair of trousers or a whole suit, Monte Carlo Tailors can deliver.
Head tailor Raja is from Bangkok, so each client has to work with him remotely, but he’s happy to Skype and does a great job. A good friend and someone whose work I’m very impressed with.

Modern Allows you to create the shirt that fits, you get to choose the fabrics and get to design the shirt that matches your skin tone and works for your body type.
Affordable, high quality custom clothing without the fuss. Professional in-house tailors know how to construct the perfect pieces. An online – custom clothier that you know you can trust and they deliver all over the world!

Add a nice playful touch to your suit with this polka dot number. Great for the office or even a first date.
The navy works with any kind of dark suit and adds that pop of pattern. A great tie for spring!

The Waterbury Blue from Dark Knot is a safe option as its fine print but is still a beautiful vibrant blue.
Hand made and made from pure woven silk tie, with silk tipping, this is a timeless option that will serve its owner for years.

A great tie to keep in your repertoire. This tie works with pretty much anything- great for interviews or if you want to throw a little something special in your everyday office attire.
Love the texture on this Grenadine one!

Ultra-durable, ultra-tough, and ultra-cool. Vvego leather belts will last a lifetime. They are made with 3 separate bonded and stitched layers. Vvego leather belts come in 2 different widths- 1.5″ and 1.25″. The option to put initials on the inside part is also available- FOR FREE!
Vvego leather belts are ideal for the rugged outdoorsman or a man that conceal carries.

The problem with giving belts is that one is never too sure of the fit. Anson Belt & Buckle changes that by creating slim, elegant leather belts with a customizable “microadjust” system.
Anson Belt & Buckle is a family business based in South Carolina. The company is dedicated to make the customer experience as easy as possible.

This new handkerchief company was partly responsible for re-awakening my own interest in handkerchiefs.
FYI – I had them create two handkerchief packages for the stylish man looking to purchase high quality, hand-made handkerchiefs that will last a lifetime.

These are not your ordinary pocket squares. Made of 100% hand rolled silk, you’ll find that the prints of these pocket squares are more intricate than usual.
Wore mine out a couple of times and it always gets a lot of inquiries. I’m a big fan of their Fine Art Collection.

Run by my friend Christopher Costas – a Marine Corps veteran – Pocket Square heroes have come up with a cool concept to transform the ubiquitous pocket square.
What sets Pocket Square Heroes apart from other pocket squares out there is the way the design and the colors are configured.

The problem with your usual tie pins though is that they put holes in your tie – damaging the silk necktie in the process.
Enter Tie Mags. They’ve put to rest that old problem by coming up with a double magnet system. This enables you to easily put on your tie, keep it in place, and look stylish.
Wurkin Stiffs, an American company founded by the Boos family, produces magnetic collar stays and even landed an appearance on Shark Tank.
Wurkin Stiff’s magnetic shirt stays come in a really nice box and are well-made – the quality is excellent as mine have lasted 5 years and counting.

A man who constantly wears Oxfords for work will be all too familiar with floppy collars, or constantly losing collar stays. This Christmas, you can give him a year’s supply with these 40 Metal Collar Stays in a Box.
All 40 Collar Stays are made from stainless steel and come in 4 different sizes.

Boutonniere’s are not just for weddings but are actually great for day wear.
This Edelweiss boutonniere is especially great to spruce up any suit- think of it as icing on a cake. Simple and beautiful- this will surely make any outfit.

These aren’t your regular cufflinks. This one is I found to be one of the most interesting ones I’ve seen.
The movements are that of an actual Swiss made mechanical watch which will surely make a great conversation piece.
Plus you get 25% if you use the code RMRS.

As you can see these cufflinks feature some really nice construction.
The idea behind their label is to provide today’s men with unique, elegant, and stylish shirt collar fasteners (which they call Collar-Links) and cufflinks, which boast of the latest technology and most innovative craftsmanship.
Don’t forget to use the RMRS code to get 25% off!

I’m looking for a watch that I can use on most days, both for casual and business casual and this watch fits the bill.
Sleek enough for the office but casual enough for drinks with friends.Love this all black color that pops with my wardrobe.

A great piece of jewelry – not too simple but not too complicated either.
Also the owner’s personal favorite this sterling and niobium helix cuff is wrapped in their exclusive helix that is not only unique but beautiful.
Use the RMRS20 code and get 20% on your purchase!

Upon first glance Sharp & Dapper Shirt Stays may seem like a strange contraption and gift idea, but don’t let its looks fool you!
Shirt stays are clever little products with military origins that keep the front of the shirt looking smooth and flat all day long.This nifty gift is for the man who is always complaining about his shirts getting untucked throughout the course of the day.

Braces have both function and form. Aside from keeping your trousers up, they add a old school feel to any outfit.
These brown Birds Eye braces are classic and made with a rigid fabric that lasts.

Another wardrobe staple from Sharp and Dapper.
These beige linen braces are perfect for adding that special touch to any outfit- the white leather detail makes it pop too!

These socks are built for comfort and durability. The company donates 10% of their revenue to various charities – from housing for injured veterans to preventing deforestation and raising awareness of prostate cancer.
You will be supporting charities while sporting socks that are bound to be conversation starters.

This pair of Warmen winter gloves will give your guy a touch of luxury during the coldest winter days. Genuine nappa leather provides a softness of touch, suppleness, strength, and lasting comfort.
The material of the gloves also give it great strength, and natural elasticity, which helps the glove fit properly.

armstrongsallnatural_leathercaretrio_2_900x900_1Armstrong Natural Leather Care Kit
Formulated only with natural oils and waxes, this is great to use on your boots and brogues.
The kit contains a leather conditioner, a boot shine and a universal salve that will help keep your leather goods in tip top shape. I love that it’s in made in Brooklyn too!

Leather isn’t cheap which is why I am big on protecting and maintaining it.
Chamberlain Leather Milk has produced a series of numbered products for thorough leather treatment: #1 for conditioning, #2 for cleaning, and #3 for waterproofing.
This isn’t just for men but for anyone who wants to really pamper his leather goods.

The Leather Honey leather conditioner is one of my favorite leather conditioners!
It’s functions double-duty- as a conditioner (keeps the leather soft and supple) and a protector (helps keep the pores of the weather sealed against water and dirt.

I often stress about having the right hangers to keep your suits in.
These hangers keep the shoulders from sagging and have a bars for trousers and accessories to hang on. Say goodbye to cheap plastic hangers from now on!

The Executive Valet Chair has traditional style and a pull out drawer.
The quality of the chair is great and it’s easy to assemble. Very attractive and sturdy.

Part nightstand, part charging station, part closet space, and all of it elegant. This rack stand organizer isn’t just something that looks good. It is a functional tool for the man who needs a little help getting ready in the morning.
The streamlined design makes it convenient to lay out clothing and accessories that a man will need the night before so that as soon as he needs to get dressed, he has everything on the ready- saving precious time.

Good dress shoes are expensive so you’ll want to make the most out them. Which is why I like to invest in these kits by Half Soles.
This kit help protect the soles of your dress shoes- making them last longer. Kits are also available for boots and other shoe styles.


Brickell uses only organic, natural ingredients along with science and technology to come up with the best quality men’s grooming and skin care line a man can ever use. I even have a review of it in another article here.
This Anti-aging cream helps diminish crows feet, wrinkles, lines and signs of again. These are products seriously made for men’s thicker skin!

Perfect for guys who like to try different products all the time. Birchbox Man allows guys to sign up for a subscription that sends a box of carefully selected items to suit different taste.
Each month, each box will feature a wide range of top rated grooming samples—from artisanal shave creams to musky cologne—and a bonus full-sized product whether it’s gadget, a coo bar tool, or accessory.
DazzlePro- platinum-sonic-toothbrush-a

I found all three systems to be effective – and over a period of 14 days saw my teeth whiten by about 5 to 6 shades with NO PAIN.
One of the reasons I was happy with DazzlePro is that it’s all made in the USA. When it comes to things I’m putting in my body, I like things that are made here in the USA.  Bonus: Use RMRS70 to get a whopping 70% discount.

This makes a great gift for someone who’s fond of perfume and scents.
Subscriptions come in 3- month, 6-month and 12- month packages that allows the recipient to customize their own scent profile. Scent Trunk then curates a box that suits their individual tastes and delivers at their doorstep!
I’m pretty low-key when it comes to hairstyles but I love how Pete and Pedro products do the job. Their pomade is great and gives enough hold and just the right amount of shine.
What’s even better is that it’s infused with all natural oils like peppermint, ginseng and aloe that make my hair healthier and they smell great.
baxterofca_pomademixerkit_900x900Baxter of California Pomade Mixer Kit 
This is great for guys who like to mix it up and like to wear their hair according to their mood.
Each pomade gives different holds and finishes so it gets you from sleek and shiny one day to light and casual the next. The pomades come in a choice of cream, hard cream, clay and hard water.
I travel often and try to bring my own toiletries as I never know what hotels have.
What I absolutely hate is opening your bag only to find a shampoo explosion, ruining everything at sight. Not so great when you have some people to meet in 30 minutes. Luckily, the guys at Squeeze Pod have solved that problem. Portable, single-use, leak proof, light-weight, TSA compliant pods of toiletries that are simple and easy to use. Use RMRS20 to get 20% on all purchases.
A lot of natural products just don’t seem to cut it which is why it was Brickell’s goal to have a line that was effective as those commercial brands but with none of the toxins and chemicals.
This fast-absorbing moisturizer helps hydrate and protect your face without that greasy feel. Perfect for all skin types.
Use Code RMRS15 for 15% Off

Beardbrand’s unique beard oil recipes use only the most natural of ingredients to create lightweight and effective products.
The Beardbrand Silver Line of beard oils is the company’s core product line, which come in kits for on the go grooming- perfect for the gym bag or for travel.

This Luxury kit contains: 3″ synthetic Razor Strop for superior sharpening, shaving brush, luxury shaving soap, Grim Luxury shaving soap with gold twist top scuttle, and a classic razor box with gold etching
There are actually a variety of kits available on the market- make sure you buy a quality strop that gives you the most value.

Grim Blades are the finest hand made American Straight Razor’s.
This fine grain tool steel is hand made, laser etched and hand pinned. It has a lifetime warranty and free lifetime hone. Trust me when I say that you won’t get a shave as close as this one. A bit intimidating to use for the first time but once you get the hang of it, it’s awesome.

In my opinion the Philips Norelco Precision Trimmer is this year’s winner from the surprisingly competitive nose/ear hair trimmer category.
One handle comes with two heads: a tube-style trimmer for noses and ears, and a flat shaping tool for trimming beards, sideburns, and necks.
The painless, tug-free trimming might just make this the best gift you ever give someone — not that he’ll admit it.

The “IMANTADO XL” TopInox® Stainless Steel Manicure Men’s Set in Leather Case by Niegelo is a practical set that any man can use.
This set comes with 7 stainless steel instruments that have been handcrafted in Germany for ultimate precision. All tools are housed in a discreet, masculine black leather case with a magnetic closure. It’s everything a man needs to tend to his nails without extra frills.
Great skin is always a plus and the best way to get it is to make sure it’s always clean.
This multitasking bar is great to use from head to toe and can even be used as a deodorant too. The shave oil can be used to condition both skin and scruff- now how’s that for multi-tasking?

Take your dopp kit to the next level with this Home and Away set from Das and Boom. This kit comes with full sized and travel sized bottles to keep you ready at all times.
Use the Everything Wash literally for everything then right out of the shower, use the Everywhere Lotion for literally everywhere.
Any man is bound to have a luxurious shaving experience with the Blades Grim Shaving Soap.
This all-natural, American-made luxury soap lathers in a matter of seconds, for a perfect glide with your razor for an ultimate and superior shave. Smolder is a great one!

The man who loves an extra close shave will be a fan of the Merkur Model 180 Long-handle Safety Razor.
The classic double-edged safety razor is made out of heavy steel and features a chrome finish sturdy razor. The quality materials produce a ultra smooth shave and the replacement blades are about ten to fifty cents a pop at any drugstore. Convert a cartridge razor shaver for Christmas this year.
This makes a great gift for those just getting into proper shaving. This starter kit includes the essential products to help you prep your skin, lather, shave and moisturize post shave.
The starter kit also makes a great travel size kit to bring with you on the go.
One of Philips’ advanced shaving system, the Philips Norelco Shaver 9700 cuts hairs up to 30% closer to skin with it’s V-Track Precision Blades and the Contour Detect Technology – each shaving head independently moves in 8 directions to follow your face’s every curve.
The premium user interface puts you in control of you shaver’s performance. You can use this on wet and dry skin. Added bonus – it’s also quiet and really easy to use.

Get those lips ready for the mistletoe with these balms that pack a punch. Flavors come in Mango and Mandarin, Vanilla and Natural Mint, Asian Pear and White Tea and Natural Mint and Shea Butter.
Keeps lips soft plus it’s fortified with SPF 25 to keep them protected.
Who needs foams when you have this shaving cream that does the job better.
This rich, ultra moisturizing shaving lotion helps your razors glide on smoothly, ensuring you of a smooth shave every time. This gets rid of all the hair but keeps the skin soft and supple.

Fitness & Lifestyle

Ryan is the real deal. I have worked with him for a number of years on numerous projects. He has also privately coached me in the fitness arena and he is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist……which means he knows his stuff :)
Most importantly….. Ryan has an amazing physique. He walks the talk. He used what he teaches to go from 0 through his 9-week program and really transfor
m yourself and get the body that you want.

Strongbody Apparel was created by Meghan Conyers and Quincy Samycia – this dynamic duo spent over 2 years researching fabric and design before launching their own brand.
I’ve had the opportunity to compare various pieces from Strongbody Apparel with Under Armour clothing and I can honestly say that their products are built much better – very well stitched with reinforcement in the seams.
The shorts in particular hug the body without feeling tight or constrictive – they flatter your build vs hiding it. A big bonus if you are in shape.

Great for working out, jogging in chilly weather or even lounging around at home.
Using the same technology as their other pieces- these sweatpants give maximum comfort and looks great. Moisture wicking and anti odor makes it great to wear to the gym. Comes with zip pockets to hold up your essentials to keep you hands free when jogging.

Speedo Men s Core Basic Rally Solid Volley Swim Trunks 1
The Speedo Men’s Core Basic Rally Solid Volley Fashion Swimsuit is a steady basic that will be useful in any man’s wardrobe.
The full elastic waist assures a comfortable fit and the zipper back pocket is a secure spot for valuables.
Another great piece from Strongbody Apparel. This hoodie is perfect for layering or worn alone.
Comes with front pockets for essentials and with their moisture wicking and odor fighting technology this is perfect for working out in the gym or traveling.

Pearl iZUMi Men's Elite Barrier Convertible JacketAn incredibly lightweight and flexible windshell designed with biking in mind. Close-fitted, breathable, and “convertible” from jacket to vest with zip-off sleeves.
Includes a back pocket large enough for U-bolt style locks. Exactly what the biker in your life needs, for fun or for commuting.

thsirtMade from 5% Organic Cotton, 40% Viscose from Bamboo, 5% Elastane, this is my favorite running shirt and the most comfortable pieces of workout clothing I own.
It also features athletic raglan seaming and 4-way stretch moisture wicking material. This is a great chemical-free option for someone who may be conscious of such issues.

a4Another option for the guy who loves his activewear, the Russell Athletic Men’s Short Sleeve Dri-Power Tee is created with tight knit fabric that resists snagging with 100% polyester interlock construction.
It is designed with moisture wicking and anti-microbial protection and a four-way stretch fabric that allows for greater mobility. It’s stain resistant too.

If Ryan’s program isn’t your cup of tea – then check out Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat Body Transformation System.
This is a no-nonsense membership program that has been proven and tested by thousands of people in 154 countries.
Whether you wants to shed 10 pounds or 100, build muscle or just look more toned, this is the original “bible of fitness” that can teach you how to get permanent results the safe, healthy, and natural way
The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale is more than just the usual weighing scale.
It can accurately measure body fat percentage and BMI online. The technology allows the owner to upload stats in order to see his progress.
Plus, the Aria allows 8 different users and gives them password protected accounts so each person’s information is protected. A great gift for the literal weight watcher!

This independent utility bench and uprights accommodate Olympic bars for your total strength training commitment and the safety spotters help you stay safe while working out.
My son and I wake up early every morning to do pull ups and push ups together. It’s really nice to have at home.

Home Living & Tools

Years ago I bought a king size memory foam mattress and along with that the guys at Vero Linens sent over a set of sheets.
I can honestly say that it was and still is the finest set of beddings I’ve ever owned. With 4 kids, everything gets washed more often than normal but these sheets still feel as good as new.

Winters in Wisconsin are brutal. Even with heaters set on high and I still get cold. Which is why I like to invest in down comforters that help keep the chill away.
This is great for keeping the warmth in and for helping me sleep better, even when it’s -10. Best thing about is- no cold spots!

We spend about half of our lives sleeping so it’s only natural for us to invest in something that’s durable and comfortable.
These mattresses are especially designed to suit all types of sleepers and all body types. Definitely a great investment.
USE Code RMRS75 to get $75 Off
The Max 12 Inch Valet Tray is probably a present a guy does not expect to get but he will thank you once he realizes how useful this thing is.
The 6 different compartments are great for storing cell phones, watches, wallets, coins, keys, and jewelry. This simple tray may just be the thing to keep his nightstand or closet a little more organized.

I hate tangled up cables especially in the car or in my bag so this is great thing to have on hand.
A simple and durable cable that charges your phone in a snap. No outlet? No problem, this doubles as a portable charger too!

Every man needs good tool set.
The Stanley 94-248 General Homeowner’s Tool set delivers with its measuring tape, hammer, screwdriver set, ratchet set, hex keys, and more.
This is a great starter set at a great price. Perfect for anyone whose “tool kit” still consists of a couple Phillips head screwdrivers and a rusty box cutter thrown in a draw somewhere.

The Maglite Heavy Duty 3D Cell Flashlight is still the champion in its category, even after all these years. It is excellent for both task and emergency lighting.
It comes in a high strength alloy case and has a self-cleaning 3-position rotary switch.
This is an aggressively practical gift for no-nonsense practical guys.

The Bosch Worskite Table Saw is for the handyman.
It is an on-the-go work table you can pull out of your trunk and set up in minutes.
This gadget boasts of a portable construction feature making it perfect for any work site, a high-precision cutting 10-inch table saw with 3,650 rpm and has a 1 year warranty.

Having the Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry 660 Battery Booster means never having to beg a jump from a stranger again.
It charges from a regular wall socket, and then holds its charge for ages. Every car should have one. I actually own two!

Stanley 84-058 4-Piece Pliers Set
This Stanley pliers set plus the joint pliers above equals every pair of pliers any homeowner is likely to need.
This set includes slip-joint, diagonal, linesman, and needle-nose pliers and even comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

What is the Toro Ultra 12 exactly? It’s a leaf blower! It’s a shredder!
It’s a hand vac- all in one! This is the all-in-one garage and yardwork power tool that also comes with a 2-year guarantee. Nifty.

Giving the Poulan Pro Electric Chainsaw may seem like an extreme gift but it certainly makes for a memorable one.
This chainsaw features anti-vibration handles comfort and safety, has an 18-inch guide bar and an automatic oiling system that lubricates the bar and chain continually during use.
This model is small, lightweight, and portable, but packs a punch for its size. A great gift for landowners.

TMakita LXT601 18-volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-Tool Combo Kithe perfect all in one kit any guy would be lucky to have. This Makita LXT601 6-piece cordless combo kit includes a hammer driver-drill, a reciprocating saw, flashlight and a 6 1/2 circular saw.
What makes this kit even greater is the portable charging system that provides longer running time and its 30 minute optimum charging feature.

The 100 percent stainless steel Leatherman New Wave Multitool is backed by a 25-year warranty and includes 2 pliers, wire cutters, 2 knives, saw, scissors, 2 files, 2 drivers, bottle opener, 2 double-ended bits and more.
This 17- tool package is the Holy Grail of multitools and is perfect for every Boy Scout and Boy Scout wannabe.

A man may be more inclined to do mundane chores such as cutting grass if he has the coolest gadgets to help him do it. Take the Black and Decker LST420 20-volt Max Lithium High Performance Trimmer and Edger for example.
This Black and Decker Performance Trimmer and Edger delivers more power from the motor to the cutting string so you can get the job done faster. It delivers long battery life and power to tackle trimming and edging tasks.

Camping & Sport

KA-BAR #1213 Straight Edge Knife
The Ka-Bar Black Straight Edge knife is tough – made from hardened steel it’s almost impossible to break. Oh – and it’s fierce looking!
This tactical knife is the unofficial blade of the United States Marine Corps.

This tactical tomahawk is great for those outdoorsy types.
This all-in-one woods tool is the perfect hunting and backpacking companion.
It’s also fun to throw :)

You won’t be “roughing it” in this sleeping bag. The Teton Sports sleeping bag has a two way zipper that lets you zip and unzip from both sides.
With a mummy-style hood and shoulder baffles designed to keep the cold out and warmth in, this sleeping bag is surely camper-approved.

Another great sleeping bag to keep in your arsenal.
Flannel lined and extra extra large, this sleeping bag is as comfy or even comfier as the bed you have back home. Lots of space to move around and the flannel keeps everything nice and cozy.

Coleman Red Canyon 17-Foot by 10-Foot 8-Person Modified Dome Tent
Your go-to family camping tent. Take that “eight person” with a grain of salt — eight is doable, but it’ll get tight.
My family used this tent over the summer and it stood up to multiple rainstorms in the Black Hills & Rushmore National Park!

An absolute beast of a camping lantern. Each of the four sides is its own removable lighting panel, which holds about an hour and a half of charge (drawn from the eight D cell batteries that power the central column).
Very cool design. A bit of a battery hog, though, so maybe throw in some rechargeable D cells when you give it as a gift.

It can be surprising how many little gadgets a biker needs.
Take the CatEye LED Headlight/Taillight Combo. This is a battery operated LED headlight and taillight to ensure at least 50% brighter light on the road.
These lights are a great way to make sure the rider is more visible and therefore safer!

Kryptonite Kryptolock Series 2 U-Lock with Bracket and 4-Foot Flex Cable
These days, it can be all too easy to get one’s bike stolen. Safety is key and to help with that the Kryptonite Kryptolock Series 2 U-Lock with Bracket and 4-Foot Flex Cable is a fantastic tool.
This bike lock is hardcore- equipped with 13mm hardened Performance steel shackle, high security Bent Foot design for serious protection and a high security, pick and drill resistant disc-style cylinder.

These JiMarti Sunglasses TR22 Sport Wrap TR90 is a nifty hybrid of sport and style. This pair features beautiful styling in addition to its UV400 protection and unbreakable TR90 frame.
Not only are these sunglasses ideal for Cycling but they are equally handy for skiing, golf, running & all power sports.

A man who likes his drinks will appreciate the OXO Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug. This mug features three silicone seals to ensure no spillage.
It has a one-handed, one-click activation
vacuum insulation that guarantees desired drinking temperature for hours. The double wall stainless steel make is stain and odor free- making it a breeze to clean.

A mattress seems like an arbritrary present but the Aero bed all terrain bed is a handy addition to any home.
This mattress is made with the highest quality materials and features a comfortable and innovative design. You may just be the first person invited to spend the night and test this mattress out!

Computer & Electronics

The addition of the Fujitsu SnapScan iX500 Document Scanner in any office will prove to be a welcome one.
This scanner provides fast 25 ppm, double-sided, color scanning that saves straight to your computer, or to cloud storage services like Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
The Fujitsu SnapScan can be connected to the computer via WiFi or USB and is compatible to both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Your resident techie will probably be equipped with a variety of gadgets but will he have the one-step adapter to hold them all? The ChargerCity Smartphone Tripod Adapter Kit can be adjusted to hold different phone brands and models.
It is compatible with any existing video camera tripod with 1/4-20 connection in both portrait and landscape mode.
The anti-Shock Soft Rubber Spring Cushioned Reinforced Holder is perfect for self recording or selfies during sporting events.

The Snugg iPad Case with Flip Stand Cover and Elastic Hand Strap doesn’t look fancy but it is a dependable case that flips open to double up as an Ipad stand.
Little details such as a stylus loop and elastic handstrap spell the difference and allow for comfortable holding. The premium case wakes the iPad up when it opens and puts it to sleep when it closes.

The Nikon 18-200mm Telephoto Zoom Lens is a one-lens solution for a variety of photography situations.
With features such as the Nikon VR II (Vibration Reduction) image stabilization, two extra-low dispersion (ED) elements and three aspherical lens elements, this camera addition just may be a godsend to your resident photographer.

For an impressive pair of earphones disguised under a simple facade, check out the Koss ‘The Plug’ In-Ear Headphones.
Features include: 16 to 23,000 Hz frequency response, a deep bass performance and 4- Foot cord. Also equally important is its very friendly price point- a true bargain at less than $10.

You may know a guy who is into audio production. For him, the Blue Microphone Yeti USB Microphone is worth looking at.
This mic has a tri-capsule array made of 3 condenser capsules that can record in almost any situation. It does a great job for recording vocals, musical instruments, podcasts, voiceovers, interviews, field recordings and conference calls.

The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 seems small but packs a wallop in features: can record full HD 1080p video calls on Skype with as well as HD 720p video calls on services such as Yahoo! Messenger and Gmail Voice.
It has H.264 hardware encoding for faster, and smoother HD experiences. This video cam also features Carl Zeiss optics with premium 20-step autofocus making it possible to take pro-quality pictures and upload them instantly to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

This nifty speaker may look little but packs a punch with its powerful audio performance.
It has 5 powered by 2 separate sets of high-performance amplifiers, has a built-in subwoofer for kickass thumping bass.
Bluetooth Link Security control allows the user configure the Sound Blaster Roar for different usage scenarios. This speaker also doubles as a USB Sound Blaster for your PC or Mac.

Reading Material & Self-Improvement

Master health, life and endurance with this top personal trainer. Being healthy is much more than working out and Ben helps you learn all that with this great book.
Over come health-related issues and learn how to make the most of your work out so you come out a champion.

The Art of Manliness is a limited-edition collection rich with a wealth of information and inspiration for the modern man.
This is basically collated wisdom from the website of the same name and has the summary of hours of research and dozens of articles.

Channel your inner Clark Gable, Fred Astaire and Cary Grant with the help of this book.
Learn the classics of color combining, accessorizing and pattern matching in your wardrobe. With enough practice, you just might ooze as much confidence as these great men did!

If you buy only one book on men’s style – this is it.
You can find everything in here. From creating an interchangeable wardrobe to the basics of casual wear to dressing for formal events – this book has it covered. Also included are tons of illustrations to give you a jump start on dressing like a man.

Manly Snacks

I LOVE these packages – they make gift giving EASY.
FYI – use code RMRS for 25% off (Good for the first 100 men who use it!)
Perfect for the cocktail fiend or for the aspiring mixologist.
Manly Gram’s Sir Mix A Lot combo adds sophistication to anyone’s drinking game.
The box comes with a cocktail kit, spirits kit, cocktail ingredients and a mixology book to help take you holiday drinks to the next level.

Don’t let the name scare you. This is Manly Gram’s way of reinventing the phrase and turning it from gross to awesome. Each box comes with ready to eat gourmet cured sausages and a selection of condiments and sides to have it with.
Share with friends or keep it to yourself- this is one sausage fest you won’t mind attending.
FYI – use code RMRS for 25% off (Good for the first 100 men who use it!)

Who ever thought beer was just for drinking? Now you can get it in sauces, chocolates and even snacks. I thought the beer brittle and beer kissed caramel sauce was especially interesting.
Perfect for the beer connoisseur who just can’t get enough.
FYI – use code RMRS for 25% off (Good for the first 100 men who use it!)

This is for someone who really takes their game day seriously.I_m_Watching_the_Game_grande
Now you don’t have to settle for mediocre buffalo wings and bland water dips. This kit has everything you need to take your game watching experience to the next level.
Just sit back and relax ( or try to). Pass the chips!
FYI – use code RMRS for 25% off (Good for the first 100 men who use it!)

Know a chocolate lover? Wiseman House Chocolates should be a surefire hit for him!
This company creates simple chocolate using the best ingredient, making sure the quality is apparent bite after bite.
They also make truffles that are gluten-free allowing those with more limited dietary options to enjoy some of their offerings. Perfect to give away and perfect to buy for the family.
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