Monday 7 December 2015


Everyone loves the ​idea​ of a woman wearing her boyfriend's shirt, but the boxy, shape-obliterating reality is often a far cry from the sexy ideal laid out in movies and magazines. Well, not anymore! These four dresses are figure-flattering, sophisticated, and fun — no cutting or sewing required. Seriously, if you can tie a knot and button a button, you can make these dresses. 
1. The 2-Shirt Knot Dress
  • Wrap the second shirt around your waist and button it up to create the skirt. 
  • Tie the sleeves over the untucked front of the main shirt and smooth out any lumps or bulges. 
  • Roll up your sleeves and leave the top few buttons of your main shirt undone for a more flattering shape, especially if the shirt is particularly loose.
2. The 2-Shirt Pencil Dress
  • Wrap the second shirt around your waist and button it up to create the skirt, tucking your main shirt in front and back.
  • Bring the sleeves of the second shirt around to the front and tie them firmly around your hips. 
  • Roll down the collar of the second shirt to create a sleeker, more defined waistband.
  • For a more feminine touch, tie the sleeves of the second shirt into a bow instead of just a basic knot.  
3. The 3-Shirt V-Neck Dress
  • Button two shirts together to create one giant, four-armed shirt.
  • Stick your head through the newly elongated neck hole and put your arms through the two sleeves in the back of the garment, so the two remaining sleeves are hanging in front of you.
  • Turn each of the unworn sleeves inside out and tie them together behind your back at your natural waist — tight enough that the front of the giant shirt lies flat against your body, but not so tight that it pulls unflatteringly at the buttons.
  • Smooth out the excess fabric in front, so there is a long fold running down both sides of the front of the garment and the whole thing is lying as flat and as close to your body as possible. 
  • Wrap the third shirt around your waist and tie the sleeves in front. 
4. The 3-Shirt Side-Split Dress
  • Button two shirts together around your waist by their collars and turn them so you have one shirt in back and one shirt in front.
  • Tie the arms of the front shirt behind your back, at your waist, underneath the back shirt so the knotted sleeves are hidden from view. Make sure to carefully smooth out the front of what is now your skirt as you do this to avoid any unflattering lumps.
  • Take the sleeves of the shirt making up the back of your skirt, and tie them low but firmly across your hips. [Note: If the shirts are different weights, use the shirt with the lighter fabric for the front of the skirt. That way, the knot you create in the back will be smaller and much harder to see through the thicker, heavier fabric of the shirt making up the back of the skirt.] 
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