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Inspiration to improve your style often comes from unexpected sources.
A group of stylish Italian men on a night out in Rome.
Watching a movie with a lead actor whose clothing sets the tone for the whole movie.
Coffee with an acquaintance who has discovered the art of classic style and owns it.
Personal style inspiration can come from travel, food, architecture, art, celebrities…..and clothing companies.
Yeah – brands are an often overlooked source for carefully curated inspiration.
Have you ever used a clothing brand to lift your style game?
What if you could find a brand that inspires you?
One that suits your lifestyle, your build and gets you moving out of your comfort zone and into the realm of inspiring style?
Once you identify an inspiring brand, the process of building an interchangeable wardrobe is simpler, saving you money while elevating your style.
Based out of Richmond Virginia, Ledbury started out making shirts and now has a range of sports jackets, ties, trousers, sweaters, and other menswear pieces.
Click here to grab Ledbury’s free catalog (basically a style magazine delivered to your door at no cost!)
The three tips below will help you select the right company to build your personal style.

#1 Finding A Vision For Your Style – Use Catalogs For Stylish Clothing Ideas

Permanent change occurs when both the emotional and logical circuitry in your brain is rewired.
Making a logical commitment alone is not enough to build great style. You want to fire your emotional circuits to achieve your big goals in life. Emotions drive our actions.
A blank slate is hardly fodder to drive your emotions. Using images, on the other hand can create powerful emotions that gets you moving in a positive direction.
Using images, build a vision for your style.
Picture in your mind what you want to look like. 
Ledbury Catalog - 1 Stylish Outfit Ideas
Two decades ago – you would have to create a vision board by tearing out pictures from magazine. Modern technology has made it simpler to access and store images on your phone and laptop.
Pick up a copy of a men’s style magazine like Rake, Esquire, GQ or Details – tear out the pictures that inspire you and store them some place where you have quick and easy access to them.
A lot of brands offer a free catalog – either in a physical form or a soft copy available for download.  Click here to grab Ledbury’s catalog – a great source of inspiration.
Find a brand that projects an image that suits you.
It could be a rugged image, a leisurely one with a guy sailing a boat or a corporate image with a businessman in a tailored suit… find a brand where you can relate to the images.
Ledbury Green Jacket + Rust Pantslookbook or catalog helps you get a sense of what the brand stands for as well as how to create a stylish outfit using various clothing items from the current collection.
Browsing through catalogs from quality brands is the simplest and easiest step to improving your style.
Try to identify how clothes and accessories are worn by the models. Are the sleeves rolled, are the pants cut slim at the heel, are trendy men preferring to go sockless?
The images feed directly into your subconscious, where they are stored and come to the fore when you go shopping.
Suddenly, you notice your eye turns to stylish outfits that would have escaped your attention before.
When you choose an outfit or a look that catches your attention- break it down piece by piece and then find similar pieces on your own to replicate the look.
Repeat the process until you feel that the outfit reflects your personality. Get rid of any changes that don’t fit until you are fully satisfied with the look.
You’ll begin to notice patterns and new color combinations that compliment each other. Plus, you’ll be full of ideas for new outfit combinations.
If you want to collect photos from a company that has an inspiring vision – Ledburyis a great place to start. They offer a hard copy catalog, delivered direct to your doorstep. Their Pinterest and Instagram pages are excellent resources for discovering your personal style through visuals.

Ledbury Clothing Ideas#2 Take The Plunge – Use A Brand To Create Several Stylish Outfits

Start by assembling a few outfits from a brand that is visually appealing.
There are a couple of obvious advantages to sticking with a single brand to build your wardrobe.
  • Most of their outfits complements each other. Start to piece together individual clothing items to form outfits that are seamlessly in sync.
    The beauty of sticking with a single brand is that you are assured the individual items fit into the overall image of the brand.
  • Brands have standard sizes. Far too many men wear clothing that isn’t the right size for them. The quality of the clothes are irrelevant if the fit is wrong.What looks good on someone else may not look good on you. The key factors that assure appropriateness for you are your skin tone, face shape and your body type. Sticking with a brand you have already tested gives you the added confidence that the clothes will fit you and suit your lifestyle.

Ledbury Clothing Ideas#3 Double Down Or Move On – Advantages Of Finding A Quality Brand That Suits Your Lifestyle

Find a brand that is focused on quality, not quantity.
Quantity is often the focus, driving the cost of clothes lower, but affecting the quality to the point where clothes start to fall apart easily.
Choose a brand with a philosophy that you agree with. If the origins of the brand are strongly focused on always delivering high quality – you’re on the right path.
Once you find a quality brand that is appeals to your emotions and fits you right,double down – buy a few items from the same brand. A few shirts, a jacket, a pair of trousers and put together a versatile outfit.
Finding A Brand That Works On You
  • Pick a brand that offers quality. You want your clothes to last long and look great. Focus on a brand that assures quality. Spending a little extra for quality is going to work in your favor in the long run.
  • Pick a brand that fits your lifestyle. Price and quality shouldn’t be your only concerns. You need to enjoy the clothes you wear and they need to be appropriate to your lifestyle. Otherwise, you’re never going to wear the pieces you buy.
Ledbury Fall CollectionMake sure that in some of your choices – you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. Pick a brand you haven’t tried before but whose look you are drawn to. This is a great time to explore some new options and give your old favorite stores a break.
You are constantly evolving as an individual. Finding new sources of inspiration and brands that suit your current lifestyle is an exercise that is best repeated every 7 years (the duration of a development cycle).
Walk into stores and pick out outfits that you would never picture yourself wearing… then try them on.
Take pictures using your phone in the dressing room so you can decide later which aspect of the outfit suits your build and lifestyle. Photos are also a great way to get instant feedback from others.
Do this exercise often enough and your idea of what is you will change (for the better). In the process, you end up discovering a ton of new looks and move closer to the ideal of a more stylish you.

Attention to detail is the essence of great style.
Practice paying attention to the details in style.
The more you practice creatively working the details of any look – the more you’ll enjoy the nuances that create your own signature style.

Based out of Richmond Virginia, Ledbury started out making shirts and now has a range of sports jackets, ties, trousers, sweaters, and other menswear piecesREALMENREALSTYLE.COM · ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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How To Style Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are simply one of the best ways for a woman to add a few inches, while also remaining sexy. They also allow for additional comfort that high heeled shoes cannot provide. Since they are versatile and comfortable, this type of footwear is a common choice for women everywhere. There are also a number of ways for you to save money on your platform purchases with the usage of Overstock deals.
But what are the best ways to style platform shoes? Read on in order to learn mo
re however, so you’ll need help when it comes to making them stylish. Use lots of floral prints and lighter colors (especially white), as they will give you a summery look and also allow you to beat the heat.
Brightly colored shoes will make your outfit more interesting and you can enjoy the extra inches that platform shoes can provide. The summer season is a time for confident struts and platform shoes that are not too narrow at the soles make for much easier summer strolls.

Make Your Outfits Sporty

Platform sneakers are one of the newest trends and they are a great choice for the times when you do not wish to leave the sanctity of your air conditioned home or office. When you want to look cute, but also remain comfortable, this new craze cannot be beaten.
They are now a must have in all closets everywhere and work best when worn alongside of a chic skirt and a shirt that is more casual and sporty, yet still feminine.

What About The Office?

For those who must dress to impress on the job, platform shoes are a great way to stand out in the office. A pair of baggier white pants, worn in conjunction with a more masculine style of blazer, will look great with your platform shoes.
This is especially true for offices that allow their employees to experiment a bit more with their wardrobe. You do not have to conform to the norms at all times and this choice definitely allows you to turn quite a few heads.

Party Time!

Getting dressed for a party does not have to be a painstaking endeavor, as you can add a pair of platform shoes to a number of different outfits and still remain the belle of the ball.
Silkier dresses with prints work best with platform shoes, as do royal blue dresses. The patterned platform shoes enable a woman to create an interesting contrast. What’s more, they draw attention to a woman’s feet in a positive manner. A one shoulder dress can also help to make you look even taller.

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Casual Outfits for the Lazy Days

Hey Divas, your Fashion Addict is here with amazing casual outfits for the lazy days. I have made a perfect collection and I hope it will help you for the days when you don’t know what to wear, for your daily walks or picnic. Spend your free time wisely. It is a perfect time to do some exercises and to stay fit, healthy and beautiful. Biking or running is always good idea. Hang out with your friends more often. Enjoy in the  happiness and the life that you have! Stay positive.
   Inspire yourself from the gallery below and choose your favorite casual outfits for these week. I like multi color casual outfits and I love wearing them. What do you think?

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Top Jobs for the Elegant Gentleman

17 Jobs For The Elegant Gentleman

When it comes to the elegant gentleman, his lifestyle is generally reflective of his sense of style, his attitude and his desires. He appreciates the finer things in life and lives his life elegantly.
In today’s economy, most of us spend the vast majority of our waking hours at work. For many, it is an enjoyable use of our time, but for others it’s dreadful. For an aspiring gentleman, work can be another sartorial outlet, and certain professions are more style-oriented than others. Therefore, we thought we’d compile a list of careers  – though hardly comprehensive – that suit the lifestyle of the elegant gentleman.
Before we get started, it’s important to note that in this day in age, a “gentleman” is no longer a titled bestowed only upon the wealthy, titled set. Today, a man chooses to be a gentleman through his actions, character, conversation, and style, among many other characteristics. A career (and susequent earnings) should in no way be considered the most important measure of a gentleman, but it can be another venue for style concious men to express themselves.
Harvey Specter is a lawyer on USA Networks Suits
Harvey Specter is a lawyer on USA Networks Suits


Few other jobs require their employees to wear a suit every day. Of course, there are more casual firms but, for the most part, any of the large firms will appreciate your sartorial talents. Aside from the chance to wear the clothing you love, most firms offer substantial income opportunities that provide you with the chance to afford the lifestyle you want. Combine that with a cushy office once you make partner, a beautiful sedan in the driveway and the opportunity for growth both in the firm and outside it and working as a barrister and solicitor seems like the perfect job for the elegant dandy. Of course, don’t expect to be like Harvey Specter in Suits, because that’s simply not the case.
Average Annual Income (US): $92,000
Being a doctor can afford you a sense of freedom and an affluent lifestyle
Being a doctor can afford you a sense of freedom and an affluent lifestyle


Many of the wealthiest men in the United States are medical professionals. From plastic surgeons to family physicians the opportunities are endless for those looking to help the community but draw a substantial salary enabling you to afford a Savoir Vivre lifestyle. Some years ago I was very ill and had to be flown to Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles to meet with a specialist. One of the first things I noticed from under his white coat were his Salvatore Ferragamo oxfords, theMontblanc Meisterst├╝ck in his pocket and the Audemars Piguet watch on his wrist. It was evident that he was pulling in enough money to afford his lifestyle in Beverly Hills, and his job afforded him the opportunity to express his love for elegant clothing and accessories at work.
Average Annual Income (US / Non-Specialty): $67,000 but of course many earn much more
An architect is an artist with an income
An architect is an artist with an income


Half art and half science, an architect, has one of those high-income jobs that allows him to not only dress as he likes but to express some of his interests in his designs. There are many buildings around the world that architecture buffs can look at and recognize immediately as the work of a particular designer. And unlike most artists, the architect can see the fruition of his work before he passes away.
Average Annual Income (US): $102,000
Food writers have the chance to enjoy some of the finest foods in the world
Food writers have the chance to enjoy some of the finest foods in the world

Food Writer

For the culinarians of the world with a passion for an elegant lifestyle, there is really nothing more romantic than working as a food writer and having the opportunity to cover the best (and worst) restaurants, food festivals and events around your city. The pay isn’t as spectacular as many of the other jobs in this list but you can work your way up to a decent income once you develop some traction and get on staff at a large newspaper or magazine. Of course, the best part is all the amazing food you get to try and that most restaurants will bend over backward to please you. That is if they recognize you of course.
Average Annual Income (US): $43,000
Few jobs are as tranquil and romantic as being an artist
Few jobs are as tranquil and romantic as being an artist


For most, this is more of a passion but for a chosen few, it can turn into a very lucrative career. Being an artist is all about expression and although you might not be able to afford the bespoke suits, luxury sedans, and fine writing instruments immediately, it gives you a sense of freedom and artistic expression most jobs won’t afford.
Average Annual Income (US): $41,000
Still Photographer for the indepedent films, short films and movie sets and projects
Still Photographer for the independent films, short films and movie sets and projects


Working as a professional photographer is about seeing the beauty in everything and exposing it through your lens. The artistic prowess it takes to turn the most mundane scene into a piece of art is a perfect match for many who are sartorially savvy. Not only is this a job of expression, but it’s one that can afford you a lifestyle you dream of. From runway shoots at New York Fashion Week to beachside photo shoots in France, there are no limits to what can be achieved when there’s talent behind the lens. Of course, a good photographer can earn 10 or 50 times as much as the annual income…
Average Annual Income (US): $19,000
A pilot has a certain glamorous lifestyle attached to it
A pilot has a certain glamorous lifestyle attached to it


Who doesn’t dream of the opportunity to travel the world and see the sights? While most commercial and private pilotsare required to wear a uniform the real benefit is when you land and having the opportunity to visit the haberdashers in the many cities and countries you’ll no doubt visit as a pilot. While layovers tend to be short (a few hours to overnight), so long as you don’t have to spend your time reviewing flight plans and doing your pre-flight, even a quick taxi ride into the shopping district can prove to be worth the flight.
Average Annual Income (US): $86,000
Being a writer can offer you a sense of tranquility and freedom of expression
Being a writer can offer you a sense of tranquility and freedom of expression


There is no job that is more romantic than being a novelist. While I’ve never had the chance to write a fictional novel, I like to think of journalism as literature in a hurry. The idea though of being able to trap yourself in an environment of tranquility for three months at a time is very appealing. Many top authors will leave home while writing and take shelter in a secluded cabin in the woods, a small villa in Italy or a little bed and breakfast in a small town in upstate New York. The romanticism of writing a novel is a perfect way for the elegant gentleman to spend his career. Plus, if the book is a bestseller you can spend your days traveling the country on tour and having a chance to experience different cuisines, see new museums and engage with many new people. It’s a great lifestyle if you can make a living doing it.
Average Annual Income (US): $69,000
There are few lifestyles as glamorous and opportunistic as a ceo or executive
There are few lifestyles as glamorous and opportunistic as a CEO or executive

Senior Level Executive

There is no job more prominent than being a business owner or senior level executive for a major corporation. From virtually limitless income to perks that only owners get, running a business is a great way to live your life and still make a living doing it. I love that as a small business owner, I have the chance to set my own hours, work from my patio with a cigar in my hand or visit a local vintage store at 2pm on a Monday because I heard they just got a collection of bow ties in stock. The freedom of being your own boss is liberating and it affords you the opportunity to set your rules that make 2 hour lunches at the new French bistro in town a possibility and invitation only events at the museum a reality.
Small Business Owner Average Annual Income (US): $112,000 Senior Level Executive Average Annual Income (US) $94,000 – $240,000
The tie collection of a Wall Street investment banker as seen in the Wall Street Journal
The tie collection of a Wall Street investment banker as seen in the Wall Street Journal

Investment Banker

There’s little explanation needed here. We’ve all seen movies like Wall Street and American Psycho, and we know that when you work as successful investment banker or trader you get a lot of perks with the job. From dinners at the country club to penthouse apartments overlooking Central Park, being an investment banker comes with an income and opportunity that can give you the lifestyle you want, and of course it doesn’t hurt that you get to wear a suit to work everyday. The only thing to keep in mind is many make commission only so the hours can be brutal.
Average Annual Income (US): $102,000
Worth an est 15 million Luis Ortiz is one of New Yorks top Realtors with an affinity for Montblanc pens fast cars and bespoke suits
Worth an est 15 million Luis Ortiz is one of New Yorks top Realtors with an affinity for Montblanc pens fast cars and bespoke suits

Real Estate Agent

Another commission only job, a lot of what a Realtor does is based on geography. An agent in New York or Beverly Hills will have the opportunity to pull in a higher income than an agent in Fargo or Duluth. However, the big benefit as an agent is that for most, the opportunity is there to make a very nice income and many Realtors live very comfortable lifestyles, driving entry level luxury cars, wearing bespoke suits and carrying the finest accessories.
Average Annual Income (US): $76,000
The offices of a professor at Cornell University
The offices of a professor at Cornell University


University professors are some of the most respected professionals in North America. They are experts in their field of study and handle educating the future world leaders. As a tenured professor at a well-regarded institution, you’ll have the opportunity to mold minds and be rewarded well for it. It’s a noble profession, and it makes you an instantly recognized leader and expert in your field. It’s the perfect job for an elegant gentleman who wants to share his passions and experience with the world.
Average Annual Income (US): $55,000 Average Annual Income (US Ivy League): $256,000
A sommelier at work
A sommelier at work


Initially the idea of putting a chef down as one of the career choices was kicked around, but ultimately we opted for a more refined restaurant role since chefs are well known for either having or having to deal with kitchen staff who aren’t exactly “elegant gentlemen” throwing around salty language and inappropriate banter behind the counter.
However, the sommelier is a very coveted role in a top restaurant. An expert in wine, they typically live what they preach and tend to enjoy the finer things in life. Unlike the kitchen staff or wait staff that usually wears some form of uniform, the sommelier in most restaurants is afforded a bit of room to select a suit or dinner jacket for their shift each evening. As a member of the North American Sommelier Association, I can vouch firsthand that many of the sommeliers I’ve had the chance to meet really do live the lifestyle they want and, of course, one perk is being able to enjoy some superlative winesor whiskies.
Average Annual Income (US): $56,000
FOR TV WEEK -- DO NOT PURGE - Kevin Spacey in season 2 of Netflix's "House of Cards." Photo credit: Nathaniel Bell for Netflix.
FOR TV WEEK — DO NOT PURGE – Kevin Spacey in season 2 of Netflix’s “House of Cards.” Photo credit: Nathaniel Bell for Netflix.


Before you burst into laughter, hear me out. Sure politicians aren’t often considered the most ‘elegant’ of men, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be. Politicians have the chance to change the world, and they also have the opportunity to attend some of the most lavish events, hold office in historic buildings and live a lifestyle normally not afforded to public office.
Average Annual Income (US): $71,000
The lifestyle of a Mad Man
The lifestyle of a Mad Man

Advertising Account Executive

Think MadMen. These are the guys in the suits who deal with the clients. Before I became a writer, I worked in advertising as an account exec and then in finance as a trader. Both of those jobs give you the chance to wear suits to work each day, but advertising gives you some real creative control and an opportunity for expression. Unlike the design team, the account exec is responsible for acting as a liaison between the agency and the client. Therefore, they are the ones invited to the client events, mingling with the collaborative partners and taking the corner office in most firms.
Average Annual Income (US): $43,000
An art appraiser is surrounded by elegance and beauty every day
An art appraiser is surrounded by elegance and beauty every day

Art Appraiser

Being surrounded by art is a dream for many dandies with an appreciation for the finer things in life and as an appraiser you have the unique opportunity to see the art before the rest of the world. From private collections to museum masterpieces, the appraiser is a respected member of the art society and usually lives a lifestyle that is representative of their role. Fine art, great food and a superlative personal style.
Average Annual Income (US): $61,000


When all is said and done, the Entrepreneur probably has the greatest freedom when it comes to elegant clothing because as the founder of the business you can wear what you like and set dress codes without having to think about your boss. At the same time, if your customers think you are too flamboyant it may hurt your business but with a strong personality people can always see that you wear the clothes and not vice versa. Average Annual Income (US): varies immensely


This is just a handful of some of the ideal jobs for the elegant gentleman. Of course, it’s all based on personal interests and lifestyle so what’s right for one may not be a good fit for another. What do you do for a living and do you find it’s reflective of your lifestyle?
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Top Jobs for the Elegant Gentleman
A shortlist of the top career paths for the most elegant gentlemen.