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How-To-Wear-A-Watch-With-Style-tall (1)You’re in an interview.
It’s your dream job.
You’re confident, prepared, and dressed to impress.
Just before it starts the interviewer asks the time, andthere it is.
Your digital stopwatch with the rubber band.
The first impression has been made.
Ok, maybe that scenario is a little inflated. But believe it or not, there is a wrong way to wear a watch.
People notice the details.
It is, like many elements of style, the small things that make a difference.
The perfect watch is almost unnoticeable…almost.
Just complementing enough to realize it’s there but subtle enough to not distract.
It speaks of preparation, confidence, and competence.
This article is going to cover how to wear a watch…with style. 

Selecting The Right Watch – The Details that Matter

Your options for a wristwatch are basically infinite. The only limiting factors are budget and taste.
That makes it an overwhelming process for a man who knows nothing about watches. Some choices will have to do with style and others with function, but here, in a nutshell, are the biggest decisions you will need to make when selecting a wristwatch:

Hand (1)Choice #1: One Watch or Multiple Watches?

If you plan on buying one watch and wearing it in all circumstances, it needs to be very stylistically neutral – able to pair with any color and any level of formality of dress.
If you’re willing to own two or three watches, your options open up. One can be sleek and understated for maximum formality; another broad and shiny for a conversation piece.
If you only want to buy one watch, it needs to be reasonably restrained, and should almost certainly be a plain metal band and face rather than leather.
A black leather watch does not pair with brown leather shoes and vice versa (although many leather watches are designed to take interchangeable bands, at which point you could own one watch but multiple bands and still be covered for all situations).

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Choice #2: Metal Band or Leather Strap?

Metal watch bands have the advantage of neutrality.
Your metals should always match, but men usually wear little jewelry – if you have a silver-tone watch band, it’s easy enough to make sure you’re also wearing a silver-tone belt buckle rather than a gold one.
Apart from belt buckles and cuff links, both of which are easily interchangeable, men don’t usually have many metals to worry about. That makes a metal watch band a simple option.
Leather, on the other hand, needs to match your other leathers (typically shoes and belt), but can look simpler and less ostentatious than metal.
At the highest levels of formality, a plain black leather band is preferable to even a very sleek metal one. And in less formal situations, leather offers a more comfortable attitude, seeming a bit more approachable than solid metal.
There is no right answer. What does exist is a difference in attitude: metal is smooth, practical, and stern while leather is suave, sophisticated, and more personal.
Choose the one that suits your wardrobe and your personality best – or invest in multiple watches, or one watch with multiple bands.

All-blackChoice #3: Dial and Case Style

The dial of the watch is the round, visible face on which the hands move. The case is the metal that encloses both the dial and the movement (mechanism) behind it.
Most cases are metal, or plastic made to look like metal, and you will almost certainly want the former. Outside of sports watches or utility pieces for working professionals, there’s little reason for a grown man to own a rubber or plastic watch.
Metals for cases can range from stainless steel to white gold and platinum and anything in between, including rarer options like titanium. They usually fall into either a silver-tone or gold-tone color family, or else are colored black or white.
Dials, on the other hand, range widely in color. Some are deliberately plain and simple (a black dial with a metal case is probably the most common option for men), while others have a bright color like the signature red of Victorinox (the company that makes Swiss Army knives).
The numbers usually contrast with the dial for readability, though the contrast can range from white-on-black to light blue on dark blue.
Overall, the more contrast the watch includes, the more noticeable and the less formal it is. A plain silver or steel case with a dark dial and small numbers is typical for business dress use, while casual watches can have a bit more color and contrast.
The shape of the case and dial are largely aesthetic choices. There’s a small preference for rectangular dials and cases in modern business styles, but a round watch is certainly no faux pas. More unusual styles (triangular, etc.) would fall under the heading of casual-only wear, however.

Choice #4: The Movement Of The Watch Hands

The movement is where most men tend to get lost. Without going into too much detail, the movement is what keeps the actual time. There are basically three types of movement, although sub-categories exist among each:
  • Mechanical movements are wound internally and keep time via the unwinding and winding of springs inside the watch. They need periodic winding (often done via an external cap or knob) and can lose accuracy over time.
  • Automatic movements are also mechanical in nature, but use the motion of the watch itself to power their movements. They do not require winding, and are much more accurate so long as they are regularly worn or shaken to provide power.
  • Electronic movements are often called quartz movements because of their most common construction, though not all electronic watches use real quartz. They keep the most accurate time so long as they are powered, but need a battery or other source of electricity such as a solar cell on the dial.
Electronic movements are much cheaper to produce, and most mechanical or automatic watches these days are a status symbol as much as a time piece. All three types of movements, properly cared for, will keep accurate enough time for most men’s purposes, and a high-quality mechanical or automatic movement may be more accurate than a cheap quartz or electronic movement.

1Q3A1901 (1)So Which Watch to Buy?

Much of the answer to that question ultimately comes down to taste. But a man buying a first-time watch who wants to use it in as many outfits as possible would do well to keep the following points in mind:
  • Few watches will work with every outfit. You may need two to really round out your wardrobe.
  • Metal bands are easier to match than leather, but leather can appear dressier and more natural.
  • The colors of all your metals should match (wedding bands get an exception to the rule), and the colors of all your leathers should match. That means your watchband needs to go with the other metals and/or leathers in the outfit.
  • The brighter, higher-contrast, and “busier” the dial, case, and numbers are, the less dressy the watch is.
  • Watch movements vary in precision based on the quality of manufacture, but any of the three basic types can produce a reliable timepiece if properly cared for.

Understand your options and take the time to shop around a bit until you find a style you like.
So… wear a watch.
Wear a nice one, so that you can check it without ruining the formality of your best suit.
Wear a sturdy one, so that you can take it outdoors, on airplanes, in the water, and anywhere else your travels take you.
Wear a brand new one with all the latest technology or wear your great-grandfather’s heirloom – but wear a wristwatch.

Monday 25 January 2016


With the NFL playoff season heating up we thought it would be a good time to reflect on some of the best hairstyles in the league. We already know soccer players have some dashing haircuts but what about the athletes in the NFL?


tom brady hairstyle
Tom Brady’s hairstyles here is a classic short cropped fauxhawk. This hairstyle works great on hair with 2-3 inches on top and some slight matte product to shape the fauxhawk.


odel beckham jr hairstyle
Odell Beckham Jr’s hairstyle is perhaps one of the harder ones to replicate. Rocking a low-mid tapered fade, perfectly squared up hairline in the front and a fro-hawk on top with some added color makes his hairstyle the most iconic and unique currently in the NFL.


russel wilson nfl hairstyle
Russell Wilson’s haircut is a classic short crop with the sides shaved at a #1. This is a great classic men’s hairstyle that is timeless.


Emmanuel Sanders haircut
Emmanuel Sander’s haircut is a mid fade with length on the top and sides. Not quite a fauxhawk but a perhaps a wider variation.


demaryius thomas haircut
Demaryius Thomas’s haircut is a disconnected frohawk with the sides cut very short and not faded in. A great variation to the classic faded frohawk as it gives a more grungy look.

Sunday 17 January 2016


While I always enjoy shorter length hair like a good fade hairstyle I can’t help but be envious of dudes that have a long fierce mane. They’ve successfully grew their hair out and moved past the awkward stage we all fear when growing out our hair. Their reward is being able to pull off these 3 awesome hairstyles we absolutely love.


Just put your hair down! This style is simple but don’t be fooled their is upkeep, you will need to comb out the tangles in your hair and make sure you keep your hair healthy from split ends. Just putting your hair down can be a great look, try it out and see for yourself!


The man bun was a huge trend recently going as far as seeing clip on man buns because guys couldn’t deal with the wait time of achieving lengthy hair to turn into cool man buns. Although the trend has slowed down the man bun is still a very legit and awesome look, if you can do it and pull it off, we highly recommend it.
12407439_563368487149081_1872141868_ncool man bunloose man bun


The samurai bun is a different variation of the man bun that we really enjoy and think looks awesome! The main difference being an amount of free flowing hair alongside a bun in the back which gives off the feudal Japan samurai era look. Awesome.
samurai bunthe samurai bun
david beckham man bun
Hope you enjoyed these long hairstyles for men! COMMENT AND SHARE.

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5 looks we need to talk about today
Now this is how you make looking ladylike feel modern. Although the jury's out on how Karlie Kloss is managing to be without tights in the baltic New York January, she does look very chic. Monochrome is an easy way of creating a timelessly stylish ensemble.
5 looks we need to talk about today
Chloe Moretz is spring glamour personified in her red and blue intricate Marc Jacobs gown. The feather shoulder stops it from looking too old-fashioned, injecting Moretz's playful personality. We're also big fans of her red glitter heels - if Marc Bolan were to design a pair of stilettos they might look a little like this.
5 looks we need to talk about today Another day, another excellent wardrobe choice from Olivia Palermo. We'll be copying this from head-to-toe; a chunky white polo neck, leather trousers and high tops equates to a warm yet insouciantly cool look.

5 looks we need to talk about today
Olivia Munn nails daywear glamour that also keeps you warm. While we commend those hardy enough to scrap tights, we don't travel solely in taxis so Olivia Munn's look is to be celebrated. The wide-leg trousers and polo neck is a great pairing - in fact, those trousers would just as good with a pair of Stan Smiths for a more relaxed vibe. 

5 looks we need to talk about today
Our newfound obsession with Bieber has not yet waned, which is why we've decided to discuss his latest look. He's gone for an androgynous style here (his girlfriend model Hailey Baldwin is just as likely to wear this ensemble, in fact maybe it is hers), and - bar the necklace (stop it Biebs, we can only allow for so much, where did you even find such a thing?) - this is a strong daywear look. Well done Justin.
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Thursday 14 January 2016


Ok, we're going to level with you straight away; wearing the right interview outfit will not guarantee you the job of your dreams; what you say and do in the interview itself will ultimately determine your fate. BUT, (the big kind,) first impressions in job interviews are key. As you walk into a room, portfolio under your outstretched arm, ready to shake hands with your future boss, they will instantly form an impression that will last the interview and beyond. Your interviewer will base this opinion, whether positive or negative, based on your appearance and demeanour as soon as they meet you.
Whether or not you're applying for a job that will require formal dress, you should always choose something formal for the interview. This doesn't mean it's a suit every time, but just because you've seen people going in and out the offices in jeans and trainers doesn't mean you shouldn't dress your best for your visit.
Dressing for that all important interview is never simple, but there are a few rules that can make it a whole lot easier. Allow us to share them with you.

What to wear to a job interview: The rules

Be comfortable

Don't choose anything that you haven't worn before. While it might be tempting to buy a new outfit for the occasion, you don't want a major wardrobe mishap, like a split seam or an 'I-so-didn't-realise-this-was-see-through' moment on your big day. If you can't resist buying something new for your job interview, buy in advance and road test the outfit a few days before. If you're prone to sweat marks or blushing, choose a dark colour.

Confidence is key

If you own a smart dress or suit that you always get compliments in, don't be afraid to reach for your old favourite. You'll feel confident in the knowledge that you look good, meaning you can focus on what you came to the job interview to sell… yourself.

Black = boring

If black is your comfort blanket when it comes to clothes, don't shy away from it, but add a splash of colour or a print to stop you blending in with other candidates. A printed silk blouse under a classic black jacket is a great interview outfit. Just avoid wearing a black dress under a black jacket teamed with black shoes. It would take a whole lot of smiling to brighten that look.

And… Smile

Speaking of smiling, there really is no better accessory. Always, always start your interview with a big smile as you greet your interviewer, no matter how nervous you feel. It will make them instantly warm to you and start things off on a good note. Smile and nod at your interviewer as they are talking to you as well, you'll keep the energy of the interview positive.

Shoes. They matter

When your interviewer glances up and down at you as you arrive, their gaze will finish on your shoes. Make sure they are clean. Never ever choose heels that you have trouble walking in - you don't know how far you'll have to walk through the building to the meeting room. A closed-toe mid-heel is the safest option, and while it's best to avoid fluoro-brights, a print or pastel style can add a brighter touch to your outfit. 

What to wear to a job interview: Ask the experts


"Job interviews are scary enough as it is! When it comes to dressing for them, make sure you feel comfortable in what you wear. If you feel great in your interview attire, you're more likely to be yourself and nail that interview.
"There are no rules, so if you have a signature colour then go for it, if you prefer patterned pieces then don't be shy! I'm a perfectionist so I would try my clothes on a million times and pay extra attention to those everyday details we sometimes over look. I ensure my shoes are clean and that there are no smudges on my clothing.
"While I love to accessorise my looks with statement jewellery, I tend to avoid anything that might encourage nervous fidgeting! Go for that ring but maybe leave your bracelet at home."


"Dressing for a job interview can be daunting. The key is to strike the right balance between looking professional and staying true to your own personal sense of style. Above all, make sure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing.
"A shirt dress is a great option. It looks smart and on-trend as it nods to the seventies vibe without 'screaming' fashion. Add a sharply tailored jacket and heels for a sleek finish that will make you feel instantly pulled together and will ensure you enter the room with a spring in your step."


"No jeans. Unless it is for a creative job: advertising, fashion…but they must be THE perfect jeans and worn with a crisp white button-down men's shirt or crew cut cashmere sweater and ballerinas, moccasins or heels (but no more than 10 cm- you have to be comfortable and walk naturally.)
"No more than three colors - including your handbag - you don't want to look like a Christmas tree! For jewelry: choose earrings or necklace… but not both at once!"

Pass on your interview advice in our comments, below and share.


This  legendary pop-star David bowie has been among the celebrity that infuse fashion and art to music.
He inspire the fashion world Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane declared, "I was born with a Bowie record in my hand", while fangirl Kate Moss once appeared on the cover of Vogue with the lightning flash from his Aladdin Sane album artwork painted on her face. Fashion folk adored Bowie's willingness to transform, subvert and shock with his many different looks. What's not to love about a man willing to wear a jumpsuit on Top Of The Pops?
26 studio albums over a 47 year career - it's hard to imagine any of today's popstars enjoying such longevity and influence (I'm looking at you, Bieber). Don't know where to start? Check out The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust(1972) on Spotify, my own personal favourite Bowie album.

I'll be listening to Starman today. RIP. David Bowie, 1947-2016.

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Pairing the right timepiece with a dinner jacket is one of the most difficult tasks a gentleman has if he chooses to wear a watch to a black tie affair.
For many men, this is because they have a limited selection of watches to choose from. For others, it’s the task of having to select a timepiece that’s appropriate, elegant and pairs harmoniously with a tuxedo. Far too often, we see men adopting the 007 stances of wearing a dive watch with their tuxedo or a timepiece that is far too casual for an evening out on the town.
A century ago one should never wear a wrist watch with a dinner jacket. The idea behind it was that your sole focus should be on the host and other guests, not on the time. Looking down at your watch was an indicator that you had another place to be.
I attend a black tie affair once a month, and it’s safe to say that the traditional rule of not wearing your watch is now antiquated.
Therefore, we’re going to discuss how to wear a watch with black tie the proper way.
James Bond wearing a dive watch with a tuxedo
James Bond wearing a dive watch with a tuxedo

What is Black Tie

Black tie is the second most formal dress code next to white tie and is worn exclusively for evening affairs that begin after 6 p.m.
For gentlemen, there are a few core elements that one adheres to when attending a black tie event:

Evening Watch Etiquette

If you do decide to wear a timepiece with your dinner jacket, we’ve put together a more modern list of rules to follow.
  1. Ensure that your watch is formal. If you would wear it to the beach, don’t wear it in the evening.
  2. If you don’t have the perfect evening watch, don’t wear one.
  3. If you must check the time, do so inconspicuously by excusing yourself and going to the restroom, or a quiet area of the establishment such as an empty hallway or even outside.
  4. Wear the watch on your left wrist so when you shake hands, it won’t be noticed as, your cuff rides up.
  5. Whenever possible, wear a pocket watch instead of a wristwatch.
  6. Make sure your watch has no audible alarms, tones or chimes. It should be silent and without any complications. Especially if you’re at a dinner, the theatre or an event where you’re part of an audience.
  7. Check the time as infrequently as possible being certain never to glance at your watch mid conversation.
An intricate pocket watch perfect for black tie
Some men often argue that in modern times, there is no need to wear a watch with a tuxedo as you can check your cell phone. However, I would argue that a quick glance at your wristwatch is far more appropriate than pulling out your cell phone. For more information on the subject see ourcell phone etiquette guide,

How to Select the Perfect Evening Watch

A more modern evening watch from A Lange & Sohne
A more modern evening watch from A Lange & Sohne

The Dial

An evening watch is very similar to a dress watch, and yet it’s slightly more formal. The standard rule of thumb is to match the face of the watch with the time of day. In other words, a white or cream dial is perfect for the office, whereas you may want to choose a black or midnight blue watch for the evening. Since black tie requires you to wear a tuxedo, we suggest to match the color of your watch with your jacket.
The dial of the watch should also meet the following requirements:
  1. Roman numerals or markers instead of numbers are more elegant and formal.
  2. The watch should match the hardware of your cufflinks and studs. In other words, if your cufflinks have a yellow gold border and backing, you can wear a yellow gold watch provided it’s understated. You can also match the metal of your timepiece to other metal on you such as any rings you wear, your eyeglasses, etc.
  3. The dial should be simple, elegant and understated. This isn’t the time to wear chronographs, day-dates or world timers. However, you can get away with wearing a moon phase complication.
  4. The size of the watch should always be small and fit your wrist well. Despite the trends, wearing an oversized watch is not a wise idea for black tie.
  5. Try and avoid watches that glow in the dark. This can be especially distracting when attending the theater or other events where the lights over you are dimmed or completely out.
  6. Ideally, it’s wise to wear a slim timepiece. The smaller and less obtrusive the watch, the more appropriate it is to wear.
  7. Always perform a cuff test before going out. Make sure the watch isn’t so big that it doesn’t comfortably slide under the cuff of your shirt and jacket.
A contemporary yet appropriate watch for black tie from A Lange and Sohne
A contemporary yet appropriate watch for black tie from A Lange and Sohne

The Strap

For evening watches that are worn with black tie, a metal, rubber or nylon bracelet is inappropriate. When wearing a timepiece with a tuxedo, you should ensure it has a simple black leather strap that fits well. The strap shouldn’t be colorful, glossy or noticeable. The idea is that no one will notice you’re wearing a watch. While lizard and alligator straps can be very elegant, this isn’t the time to wear them. Stick with something such as a calfskin or move into an exotic if it’s understated.
The clasp should also be simple. Wearing one with an oversized buckle or a strap that has logos on the clasp can cause your watch to stand out and prevent it from fitting comfortably under the cuff of your shirt.
Simple and thin yet elegant
Simple and thin yet elegant

Pocket Watches

pocket watch is ideally the style of timepiece one should wear when attending a formal affair. It is discreetly hidden in the pocket and save the fob and chain; it’s unnoticeable to others around you. Also, it’s far easier to find a tasteful pocket watch at a reasonable price then it is to find a watch that will match your attire.
When selecting a pocket watch, you want to ensure you follow the same rules as a wrist watch.

  1. It should be elegant and understated. Open face watches are best as hunter watches require that separate step of opening the case.
  2. Many pocket watches feature designs and art on them. Try and wear something simple that isn’t adorned or accented.
  3. The fob and chain should be just as understated, and the color of the metal should match your other accessories and jewelry. Whenever possible, it’s wise to keep the watch off the chain, so it sits neatly in your pocket and only comes out when needed.
  4. Vintage watches tend to be somewhat audible as the hands move. It’s a wise idea to ensure that the watch is as silent as possible so the ticking of the hands won’t disturb others around you.
An oversized watch will never slide neatly under the cuff
An oversized watch will never slide neatly under the cuff

How to Wear an Evening Watch

Most people probably assume that you just put the timepiece on your wrist and go. Although it is that simple, there are a few standard rules that one should take into account if you choose to wear a wrist watch with black tie.
  1. Wear it on your left wrist so that when you shake hands, it doesn’t become noticeable as your cuff rides up.
  2. Make sure the strap fits well. There shouldn’t be an excess sticking out as that can prevent your watch from sitting snugly under the cuff. If your strap doesn’t fit well, consider investing in a new one.
  3. Wear the watch with the dial on the top of your wrist, not the bottom. Many men – especially those in law enforcement and the military – will wear their watch with the dial on the bottom of the wrist. For black tie, it’s important to wear it the traditional way.
  4. Make sure your watch is clean. Give it a quick buff with a dry and soft cloth before going out.
    Ensure the watch fits well and isn’t too large for your wrist. It should slide effortlessly under the cuff of your shirt.
Bvlgari watch too large for a formal event
Bvlgari watch too large for a formal event, and the necktie is inappropriate as well
It’s always best not to wear a watch if you’re not 100% certain it’s appropriate. For the most formal black tie affairs, we highly recommend attending without a watch on your wrist. However, we understand that many men prefer to have access to the time and we’d rather they check their watch then their phone.

Recommended Watches

Here are a few of the timepieces we recommend for formal attire.
Rolex Cellini Prince
Rolex Cellini Prince

Rolex Cellini Prince – Starting at around $9,000

The only Rolex worthy of evening wear, the Cellini is Rolex’s most elegant and simplistic timepiece. You can find them with black and chocolate brown dials that add depth and charm to an already perfect watch for evening wear. They have an art-deco feel to them, and one can almost imagine Jay Gatsby wearing one on his wrist. To learn more about Rolex, click here for our guide.
Patek Philippe Calatrava with Diamonds
Patek Philippe Calatrava with Diamonds

Patek Philippe Calatrava – Starting at around $15,000

The quintessential dress watch from the pinnacle of Swiss watchmakers, the Calatrava is undeniably our favorite dress watch and wearing one with a dark dial makes it the perfect watch for black tie affairs. Click here to buy one.
Vacheron Constantin Patrimony is a perfect watch for black tie
Vacheron Constantin Patrimony is a perfect watch for black tie

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony – Starting at around $15,000

Similar in appearance to the Calatrava, the Patrimony line by the renowned Vacheron Constantin is a hallmark of elegance and superlative watchmaking. Simple, classic and elegant, it meets all the requirements for a black tie timepiece. Click here to get one today.
Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso in Black
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso in Black

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso – Starting at around $3,000

One of the nicest things about the Reverso is that the face of the watch flips giving you an alternate view. For those who are budget conscious, it’s an ideal watch to buy because you can have one dial that’s black and perfect for evening wear and another that’s white and works great at the office. The other option, which is why we selected this among our favorite black tie watches, is that you can find one with a backing that’s simple or features a clean design. This way when people do see your watch, they’ll take notice that it’s not showing the time. Click here to find a very simple Reverso in black. Learn more about the Reverso and Jaeger-LeCoultre, in our Guide here .
A Cartier Tank skeleton watch can add some sprezzatura to your tuxedo
A Cartier Tank skeleton watch can add some sprezzatura to your tuxedo

Cartier Tank – Starting at around $2,000

One of the most iconic timepieces in the world, the Cartier Tank is an ideal pick for black tie attire as it’s simplistically elegant and sophisticated. Learn all about this watch in our Cartier Tank Watch Guide.
Frederique Constant Maxime Watch
Frederique Constant Maxime Watch

Frederique Constant Maxime – Starting at around $2,500

Reasonably priced and often found on sale, the Frederique Constant Maxime is a great option for those with a tighter budget. Also, they offer one in grey that at first glance is very simple, but up close features some design work that’s rather bold and yet somehow still appropriate. Click hereto buy one or explore our guide on low budget watches.


A century ago, wearing a watch to a formal affair was viewed as inappropriate. Today, it’s just fine. In the end, it’s up to you to decide. Our only tip is to ensure that if you do wear a watch with black tie, that it’s something simple and something that’s gracefully elegant. If you’re unsure, the best decision is to avoid wearing one altogether. And, while wearing a watch with black tie is something up for debate, wearing a watch with white tie is not something we recommend.
Do you wear a watch with your tuxedo or dinner jacket? If so, which one?
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