Thursday 25 June 2015

Wedding Expo malta& fashion fair Amsterdam conference

Thursday, 25th of June 2015 was the day simpli international had their conference at the southern sun Hotel ikoyi Lagos. Where we met some of the official and panellist of the conference like Mr Bruno Eke of wedding expo Malta, Mrs Tope Alabi ibile vougues, Mr Paul Ogunedo among others, where they talk about taking fashion public in the sense that a day will come that an average Nigeria will go to a boutique to purchase a local made dress instead of the usual prada or Versace. Simpli International is a platform that promotes African brand, especially the Nigeria fashion brand, with the successful launch of the maiden edition of the wedding expo Malta in 2014, positive connection through vibrant visitors and different business services were  created.
This year the wedding expo Malta & fashion fair Amsterdam present two of the finest events in two countries, providing a bigger synergy of all fashion and tourism, which is going to happen on the 17th & 18th October, runway show @ the prestigious Hilton Malta and 24th &25th October, exhibition, runway show grand gala in Holland .Visit to get details on program schedules.
Continuous service rendered on the spot and referrals made on both exhibition floors where all needs are met. With an effective meet of 1000 visitors, an estimated target of 3000 buyers is expected this year. 50000 people are over 100 brands in the first six months, making contact post event.
This top fashion expo commences in Malta and concludes in Amsterdam with guests such as the about to wed, wedding parties, meeting with vendors from across the wedding industry and a wide range of fashion businesses in attendance.
Among the designers that showcase their brands are
Ibile voyages
Ken Royale
King couture
Bubuz voyages

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