Sunday 5 July 2015

Casual dinner wears

Ever bother about what to wear? Given the number of variables (what time of year is it? who are your hosts? is it a special occasion?), there's no one right answer, which can make things a bit tricky. If you underdress, you risk offending your dinner companions. Overdress by a mile and "you can make your host feel inadequate, insecure, or uncomfortable," etiquette authority Sue Fox points out. The solution: "Ask the host for advice," says fashion consultant Lauren A. Rothman. It's the best way to find out if you're in for a denim-welcome get-together or a more buttoned-up, skirt-and-blouse affair. Still worried about hitting the mark? "Stash dangly earrings or a pretty scarf in your bag to dress up an outfit if need be," advises kingjade desynme

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