Wednesday 9 September 2015


The Instagram effect on men's style

Episode Two - 'Social media's massive impact on fashion' looks at the digital awakening of men's style and how that is influencing trends, access and education. 
Producer: Tim Martin; Photos: Colin Gold/
Once simply a fun distraction, social media now shapes our opinions and decisions in a number of different ways. Its reach into our lives is particularly pronounced in the area of fashion and style, where trends are aired, disseminated and judged in real time, giving us all the chance to follow and even participate in the process.
In this edition of The Style Project, Executive Style's panel of men's fashion experts - Matt Jensen (CEO and founder of MJ Bale), Graeme Lewsey (CEO of Melbourne Fashion Festival), Dom Bagnato (menswear designer) and Luc Wiesman (editor and founder of D' - discuss the impact that Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools exert on men's sartorial decision-making. From access and education to choice and inspiration, it's a digital revolution that is empowering men with more information and knowledge than ever before.  
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